Celebrities With Petite Street Game

Looking for ways to up your game if you’re a petite woman? Let’s dedicate some love to all the gals who top off at 5’4″ or less, but show us that there is more to style than just being born tall.

Credit: Ben Eade/GoffPhotos.com

Some of our favorite celebs are petite. We can guess that they are paying big bucks to be styled to look effortlessly hip and also to make the most of their petite frame. Want to glean some of their fashion savvy? Find a celebrity that best matches your body type and style personality and learn from them. Go a step further by creating a Pinterest, Polyvore set or series of bookmarks to collect a Lookbook for yourself.

Style-Worthy Petite Celebrities

Pictured from top to bottom:

Other stylish petites to look for: Fergie, Kelly Osbourne, Drew Barrymore, Kristin Bell, Emma Stone, and Eva Longoria.

Which celebrity best embodies your style, either shown here or not?



8 responses to “Celebrities With Petite Street Game

  1. You did it! Wonderful selections! I was surprised by some of the actresses that are petite. I had no idea Selma H. was small. I love her look. Even tho she has endless money for clothes, you can see on her the need for a perfect fit on a petite woman and that we should make sure even a shirt from target fits properly. Great job, Laura. Was is fun to research his topic? Elaine

    • Thanks Elaine! Your petite challenge took me a bit of time, but the good news is that it’s a 2-part blog. I have another post dedicated to petites coming up — so stay tuned! I actually had to narrow down my picture picks, because there are so many great outfits by these ladies. It was fun and of course I had to put my street style spin on it. Thanks for all your encouragement.

  2. I loved Mila when she was at the 70’s show and I still adore her now! :)

  3. Great list of lovely petite women. Salma always look sexy…and in her 40’s!! ;) Mila is just a natural exotic beauty. Love them both! And love that first dress!

    • Hi Phuong,
      Who would have thought that Salma Hayek was only 5’0″ tall. She packs a lot of va-voom in that petite frame. I’m with you on the first dress — looks amazing on Mila.

  4. I love Rachel Bilson’s style….I so would dress like her if I were few years younger…haha. I had no idea Selma was only 5′ tall either. I LOVE Mila’s heels in the first pic!

  5. So many petite celebs…great bog.

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