Inspired by the book: Vaclav & Lena

Just finished my second book of the year, Vaclav & Lena by Haley Tanner, and  I am excited to share it with you. It’s a coming-of-age story between two kids, whose Russian families have recently arrived in New York City, but it’s really much more than that. My quick review:

It’s hard to believe that this is a debut novel, because Tanner writes like a seasoned novelist. The story is everything you’d want: unrequited love, skeletons in the closet, people torn apart with no knowledge of how to reach each other and then years later come back together. Perfect ending, right? Well, not quite, because real life isn’t that predictable. But the ending is really quite perfectly Vaclav & Lena.

And, it was so wonderfully Russian that it inspired a Polyvore made just for Lena, one of the main characters.

Fashion Mash-up: Vaclav & Lena

If you’re looking for your next book, add this one to your short list. It’s the kind of story that stays with you for awhile, in a good way. Click here for more info on Vaclav & Lena.

I keep a running list of most books that I read. You can find them here:

Also, join me in signing up for the 2012 Goodreads Reading Challenge. I’m down for 30 books this year (last year I committed to 25 (and made it!)) How many books do you think you read in a year?

2012 Reading Challenge

2012 Reading Challenge
Buckle Button Ziphasread 3 books toward a goal of 30 books.

2 responses to “Inspired by the book: Vaclav & Lena

  1. Definitely going to go out & buy this after reading your brilliant review!! I have a deep passion for all things Russian – the language, architecture, culture, fashions & food – and I absolutely love reading novels set in Russia, or where the protagonist(s) is Russian/has a strong connection to the country! I really have to find this book!

    On another note, I find your writing to be superb!! Everything flows so beautifully, & it is such a joy to read!! :) Plus – ADORE the Polyvore for Lena, it is exquisitely gorgeous! Stay stylish, ;)

    The Image Mistress, xoxo

    • Image Mistress,
      I think you’ll like the book, especially if you love anything Russian. Much of the book is written in a Russian accent and that made it so much more rich for me. I found it in the New Fiction section at my library. Hope you like it as much as I did. Thanks so much for the writing complement. It really means a lot to me, since I’m a writer first and style lover next.

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