The Goods: New Spring Accessories

This week’s hunt for the best of what’s new in stores brought a lot of accessories. Spring footwear and bags are trickling into stores, so if you find one you love, grab it now, because they probably won’t last long. Everyone is dying to break free from winter boots and switch their dark-toned bags for a lighter one.

  1. Zara Ethnic Messenger Bag, $159 via Zara
  2. Splendid ‘Perfect Sling Back’ Sandal, $120 via Shopbop
  3. Kate Spade ‘Bar None Huggies’ Earrings, $58 via Piperlime
  4. Elliott Lucca Colorblock Zip-Around Wallet, $88 via Nordstrom
  5. B Brian Atwood ‘Dakoda’ Platform Wedge, $350 via Shopbop
  6. Timex Originals Easy Reader, $65 via Piperlime
  7. Rachel Zoe ‘Gladys’ Sandal, $235 via Shopbop
  8. Miansai Rope Bracelet, $68 via J. Crew

And something adorable for the little girls in your life. This spring green, polka dot dress is cute enough for everyday, but also special enough for dress up. Check out those bows on the neckline. Cute, right?!

Zara Polka Dot Dress with Bows, $39

Enjoy the weekend!



11 responses to “The Goods: New Spring Accessories

  1. Lovely feel to the blog – tugs at the young strings of my old heart! Great handbag and watch. I could see a young girl in that darling dress.

  2. Atwood is sooooo good! I’m sorry to the fashion weeks end. And your pick of the season’s best designer is……….. ……. Elaine

  3. Hi Laura!
    I love the Dakoda wedge! I need to get my closet changed over for spring!
    I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

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  5. How glorious is the ‘Gladys’ Sandal mixed with the Elliott Lucca Wallet (I’d wear it as a clutch of course)… fab pix! xx

  6. I don’t wear watches because I always manage to break them but I love that Timex.

    • Hi,
      Somehow your comment slipped past me — sorry about that! I love that watch too and it’s not so expensive that I’d worry about wearing it anywhere. Maybe you wouldn’t break this one. Remember the old Timex tagline? “They take a licking, but keep on ticking.” Oh my, now I’m dating myself!

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