The Bitter End

Bucket List: Sailing the Caribbean

We had the amazing good fortune to go sailing for a week in the British Virgin Islands. Geez, pinch me please! It was one of those trips that I’ve had on my Bucket List for the past 15 years and had just never happened. Then, out of the blue, the stars aligned and we went for it.

We chartered a sailboat for 8 days and lived aboard the entire time. What an experience! Being out there on the water washed my mind clear of everything back home and we just enjoyed the sun, sand, Caribbean water and each other’s company.

After reading about this place for the past decade (or so), I finally found myself standing in front of The Bitter End Yacht Club in North Sound, Virgin Gorda. I had that giddy, butterfly-feeling in my stomach. It was even more beautiful than I had imagined and I knew I was having a moment. You know, it’s that one you feel when you’ve made your wish and you realize it’s coming true.

Here are some favorite pictures from the trip:

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Thanks for letting me share that! Now I want to know, what’s on your Bucket List??!!



6 responses to “The Bitter End

  1. Ooooh…how wonderful!
    My kind of vacation! Hope you had a good time!…how could you not?
    My bucket list is sooooo long! Here’s one we’re hoping to do this summer….Manta Ray night dive in Hawaii! Fingers crossed!

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