The Goods – Shiny Things

photo: All The Pretty Birds

Jeweled Sandals

At the airport last week, I saw a jet-setter gal in a pair of jeweled sandals that were seriously blinged-out. I studied them trying to assess the cost. They looked very high-end to me, but I was wondering if they were a Steve Madden or some other trendy line that had done a great knock-off. She fast-tracked the security line like an A-Lister, so I didn’t have the chance to ask her. I haven’t found her cool sandals online, but I’m looking. The Miu Miu starfish pair (below) are getting a lot of ooh and ahhs from editors and it’s easy to see why. It’s a party for feet (and an expensive one at that).

Doing jeweled shoes for day is a look that’s always going to turn heads and make a regular outfit into something to talk about. Going to a beach wedding? These are made for a beach wedding and will really dazzle.

I happen to like silver, but most of these are available in gold or a colored option.

Miu Miu Starfish Sandals

  1. Miu Miu Starfish sandal, $695
  2. Nine West, Wixon, $69 (silver, blue, gold, white)
  3. ZiGiny Instinct, $129 (silver, gold)
  4. Jerome Rousseau, Muscat Glitter, $695

Question: When you’re style stalking, how often do you stop people and ask them about their clothes? How do they react?

P.S. I know some of these shoes are very pricey, but I figure it’s good to see what the high-end options are, especially when you find something similar for less.


3 responses to “The Goods – Shiny Things

  1. Hey Laura, if you are looking for nice sandals I did a post on Wednesday with 20 really nice pairs for under £20 available online right now. Not sure if you will find the pair you were coveting there though but good luck :)

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