Tell Me About it, Stud

Here’s a word I’m trying to drop from my blog posts — perfect. As in, this dress would be perfect for a barbeque or these shoes would be perfect for work. There are sooooo many options for what to wear and it all really comes down to what you want to wear, your mood that day, if you are PMSing and feel two sizes bigger, and how far you’re going to be walking. I’m chucking the notion of perfect anything from my blog. Let’s be imperfect, off-beat, quirky, mussed and downright askew.

So Studly

Maybe it’s a backlash to all the statement pieces of jewelry that are popular right now, but I’m putting the spotlight on studs. Such a crazy rabble-rouser, aren’t I? A pop of color that doesn’t weigh down your ear. A simple spark of light that brings attention to your face. An inky black speck for your bad-girl moods. A powerful statement for a big-deal meeting. An unfussy choice for casual days. And…it might be a good Mother’s Day present too.

Options, options

  1. Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘Pipe Dreams’, $68
  2. House of Harlow 1960 ‘Star’, $55
  3. Dara Ettinger ‘Felicia’ stud, $86
  4. Anthropologie ‘Sprout’ posts, $28
  5. Anthropologie ‘Dalton’ posts, $28

More to see (click any picture):

Does anyone else remember this classic clip from the movie Grease? How fun was that scene?!

If you caught my geeky reference from this scene in the title of today’s post, 10 points for you! Nothing like a bit of ’80s pop culture to keep us alive and kicking (ha, another geeky 80’s song reference). OK, somebody stop me now.



14 responses to “Tell Me About it, Stud

  1. Love the colour and detail on the House of Harlow 1960s studs! Super trendy!

  2. Love the feeling of options. Too many “musts” in our world. Way to go!

  3. Great post! I’m ready to embrace the imperfect….actually that is the theme of my life these days…..
    That final dance scene from Grease is one of my all time favorites, I could watch it over and over!


  4. Oh, Laura!
    Imperfect is perfect!! LOL!
    One of my favorite movies…can’t get the song out of my head!

  5. Elaine Bergner

    How strange. I’ve been wearing my studs more and more the last couple of months. Elaine

  6. Imperfect, off-beat, quirky… you bet! Trying to be perfect is way too stressful and what’s perfect in one person’s eyes isn’t in someone else’s.

  7. I’ve been craving studs too, and actually have been window shopping for stud bedazzlers! ha ha, I’m not even punk rock- I think it’s just a good antidote for the sugary sweet florals I’m wearing. Got a pair of vintage 80’s sandals with studs so look for them soon.

    And thank you for posting the Blog Roll badge on your sidebar. muah! -Bella Q

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