Guy Style: Skater

Paris Gent


You might think that this well-dressed guy could be found in any US city across the map. But I was surprised to see that he is from Paris and that our American hipster vibe (complete with beard) is alive and well across the pond.

He’s got great details from the 90’s plaid shirt, casual hoodie + tee, bomber jacket to the flat-front khakis messily tucked into work boots. It’s the details that count.

The street style shot above came Louge Delcy at and it’s worth your while to go check out his site. He’s a Brooklyn-born photographer who’s got the sartorial gift. Here he is below. Don’t you love that smile!

Louge Delcy

Louge Delcy of

It’s a talent to dress that like and look so cool doing it. There’s more amazing shots to see and style to take in. Go check it out.


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5 responses to “Guy Style: Skater

  1. Yes! Love his smile AND the look!

  2. Elaine Bergner

    Hah! Love it. Elaine

  3. What stylish men! Keep’m coming Laura! ;)

  4. Yay! Fashionable boys, love this! :)

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