Working It Out


(photo: clubcorp)

Hello to summer, warm nights, sandals and oh my hell, what’s all that soft flesh doing on my body??! There’s something unsettling about those first weeks of diving into a summer wardrobe. It’s equal parts delight and horror.

As inspiration for keeping up with my latest workout add-on (the Tracy Anderson Method Mat ), I wanted to check out some new workout gear. I’ll let you know what I think of it after a month or so. I’m only in my first week.

Glow or Sweat?

This tummy-friendly Lululemon tank top will hide the burrito I had for lunch, and then shazaam, check out the sexy-sexy back:

Lululemon No Limits Tank

Lululemon No Limits Tank, $64 (more colors)

Love the T-back with built-in sports bra showing.

Sometimes I feel all ninja and wear black from head-to-toe, but most days my fellow yoga mates and I wear color. This purple Athleta tank has cooling mesh, built-in support and a pretty design, plus good coverage up top.

work out gear Athleta Criterium Top

Athleta Criterium Top, $59 (also in black)

After a booty-kicking workout, I do feel like a total goddess for at least an hour (endorphins?) This soft lotus blossom Prana tee is a nice throw-on after class, but also works for hikes, climbs and biking around town too.

Prana Goddess T-shirt yoga

Prana Goddess Tee, $55 (also in grey)

Then BAM, I’m going to put on these super sweet kicks and fly through the rest of my day. These Nike Air Force 1 court shoes make me want to play.

Nike Air Force 1 Low Lightweight court shoe

Nike Air Force 1 Low Lightweight, $90

Do you ever do a workout and think, ‘I must have burned a gazillion calories with that bad boy.’ Well, at least with this Nike+ Fuel Band you’ll know for sure. It tracks all activity, not just steps. I’m liking this idea for Father’s Day too, if you’ve got a fitness hound in your family.

Nike Fitness Fuel Band

Nike+ Fuel Band, $149

I find that fitness after 40 is a constant commitment. For me, it’s worth the effort because I want to keep up with my kiddo, stay flexible, nimble and strong. I see people in their 50s, 60s, 70s+ in my home town of Boulder, that look very healthy, fit and younger than their years. It inspires me to keep it up for the long haul.

What kind of workout are you doing this month? What keeps you motivated?

x Laura


3 responses to “Working It Out

  1. I’ve been kinda lazy….getting back into it slowly. I do kettlebell workouts, and run the hill when I need to drop a few pounds. It sure is painful tho…my body ain’t what it used to be. :(

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