Guy Style: Suit and Tee

Street Style Suit and Tee

photo: Carolines Mode | Stockholm Streetstyle

Breaking form from a suit + button down shirt, this guy switches his suit up with a crisp, white, v-neck T-shirt and light-colored vest. What a great way to dress for summer without sacrificing style. The v-neck tee follows the line of vest and jacket lapels in such a complementary way. Since everything is well-cut, he doesn’t look sloppy at all, in fact, just the opposite. Also, notice the slim cut leg on the pant.

Cure for Casual Friday shows a different take on this look with a more casual, yet still pulled together look. Sick of your khaki + polo shirt combos? Try this instead. This tee is a softer version of a regular tee. You can tell by the way it drapes and doesn’t look stiff or cling. I think the pocket square is a bit much for most guys, but you know yourself. If it feels right, do it; if not, steer clear.

Suit and Tee clothing


Guys, would you wear this? Gals, would your husband/boyfriend be into this? Maybe even my own hubby will chime in on this one…

x Laura

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6 responses to “Guy Style: Suit and Tee

  1. This is a great look!

  2. Impressed that he has sleeve cuffs showing at just the right length. Wonder if those are sewn in or if he’s wearing a long sleeve v-neck tee.

    • See my hubby does read my blog. And he’s got a great eye for the details, because this chap was on his way to a fashion show, so you never know what he’s got up that sleeve.
      x Laura

  3. I love it! I dress hubby in a similar manner as the second photo. Did you get the part about my dressing him? Haha. He could careless about clothes so I have to shop for him. I actually like to dress like the second photo myself! :)

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