My Kind of Cowboy

Parisian designer Isabel Marant has the touch. When she decides to take on a look for her latest collection, she turns out pieces that are cool, modern and very likely to become an ‘it’ item on the streets. For her Fall 2012 collection, she created western wear that is decidedly more downtown than hoedown, and delivered a studded boot that we could easily obsess over.

Isabel Marant fall 2012 runway

Isabel Marant, Fall 2012 (

Isabel Marant fall 2012 cowboy

Isabel Marant, Fall 2012 (

Living in the West, I’m often drawn to cowboy, prairie, and Native American motifs. With our gorgeous wide-open spaces and crisp snowy winters, these clothes always seem to have a time and place, even in the urban landscape. No matter where you live, these cowboy-inspired pieces won’t have you looking like you’re in a costume. They have just enough western edge to add drama and wit to your everyday outfits, without going overboard.

My Kind of Cowboy

My Kind of Cowboy

Also, can’t forget to show you these beautiful shoes in low, medium and high heels:

Zara cowboy ballerina flat

Zara cowboy ballerina flat, $89

zara cowboy mid heel pump

Zara cowboy mid-heel pump, $89

Zara cowboy high heel ankle boot

Zara cowboy boot, $129

Hope you are inspired to try some western touches to your outfits. Have fun with it!

x Laura

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6 responses to “My Kind of Cowboy

  1. Love the black cowboy boots most!!

  2. Oh my gosh. Those boots! They must cost a million dollars. Great post. I think I’ll go shine up my squash blossom Navaho necklace. Elaine

  3. I like your kind of cowboy. i found your blog from a link at Advanced Style. I will be back as it looks like the fridge is full, lol.

    • Hi Lilly,
      Thanks for finding your way here. I love both Advanced Style and Bella’s blog, The Citizen Rosebud. It’s great a time to be 40+. Let’s raid the fridge together!
      x Laura

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