Made the Trees Rustle

Made the Trees Rustle

It’s not this cold yet (thankfully), but as the leaves shake and drift from the trees, we know that it’s coming. Inspired by winter trees, this frosty vignette features many ‘Just Arrived’ pieces with opposites-attract style pairings.

  • Minimalist black & white top + ornate Bohemian accessories
  • Country cozy knit sweater + Ladylike structured handbag
  • Rocker print top + DIY-esque colorful scarf (with coordinated nails)

Which one do you gravitate toward?

For shoppers: The tri-colored structured handbag is only $98 and is looking significantly more expensive than that, don’t you think? Most items are less than $400 and click-able if you’re looking for more info.

x Laura


9 responses to “Made the Trees Rustle

  1. I was intrigued by the printed tree clutch. A novel idea and one that I could see used over and over. Loved the quote! It made me feel like a cold wind WAS blowing! I agree that the tri-color handbag looks expensive. If I didn’t have so many purses (that I seldom use) it would be a possibility.

  2. I really like the second clutch, the one with bare tree limbs. Nice collection of things….except for sweaters with animals on them. My husband loves them, me not so much. Happy election day! Elaine.

    • Elaine,
      Two votes for the clutch so far (three if you add on mine). As far as the sweater goes, I know it’s not for everyone. In other news, I will report that I have seen my first holiday sweater of the season. Made my day.
      x Laura

  3. You saw someone wearing the sweater? Surely not. E

  4. cool winter selections… I want snow!!!

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