Inspired by: Ancient Moors

Stepping out of my comfort zone here with this colorful and bold print. But hey, the orange and very, very deep navy just made me happy. In the grey and cold days ahead, I think its cheerfulness will be a welcome sight.

Odval cardigan and jeans

Tabitha ‘Odval Cardigan’ – Anthropologie (still available), T-shirt – LOFT, Black jeans – Levi’s Curve ID.

The pattern on this cardigan reminds me of the Moorish tiles that decorate the Alcazar in Seville, Spain. Many years ago, my husband and I went on a self-guided trip of Spain and Portugal. This was pre-marriage, pre-kids, pre-Part 2 of my life. After spending a few days in Madrid (which we loved), we took the fast train to Seville, which is one of the quaintest cities I’ve seen. Seville had an intimate feel, with winding cobblestone streets, vibrant neighborhoods and old ladies sitting on their balconies.

There we went to the Alcazar, which roughly translates into castle. It was originally built as a Moorish fort when the Moors had a foothold in southern Spain, but was later turned into a royal palace by the ruling Moroccan dynasty. It remains a shining example of mudejar architecture and the tilework at the Alcazar is awe-inspiring with riots of color, intricate patterning and masterful craftsmanship. It’s probably a huge stretch that I relate this cardigan with an important World Heritage Site dating back to the 10th century, but fashion often follows art, architecture and nature — maybe this is one of those times.

Tilework at Alcazar, photo: wikipedia

Photo via Flickr

I’m linking up with Patti over at Not Dead Yet for Visible Monday.

Also, linking up with Nicole for Monday Mingle over at Momtrends.

Have a great day!

x Laura


30 responses to “Inspired by: Ancient Moors

  1. Love that cardigan! Great pattern.

  2. Super pattern and amazing color!

  3. That cardigan is gorgeous. I love all the colors.

  4. Love the tiles *and* the gorgeous cardigan – you look great! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday and have a wonderful day.

  5. That is a fab sweater and you wear it well!

  6. Laura!
    You are so freakin’ gorgeous! LOVE the sweater!
    Please DO step out of your comfort zone more often!

  7. Yet another piece superbly worn by you, Laura! Looking lovely and unique :)


  8. fashionconfessionsofamommy

    Loving the print of that cardigan. Great inspiration photos.

    Visiting from Monday Mingle.

  9. Beautiful, Laura! What a great piece to add a little oomph to our wardrobes!

  10. You should do that more often (stepping out of your comfort zone). This patten and those colours look absolutely fabulous on you!

  11. You (and the sweater) look gorgeous. And what a creative idea to include the tiles! Fab! Elaine

  12. Megan, The Frugalista Diaries

    that sweater is amazing, great inspo.
    Xo Megan

  13. Gorgeous … your cardi and the inspiration. You’ve shown us referential without beating us over the head with it. Thank you for blogging.

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