Caramel Corn is my Kryptonite

Alec Baldwin convinced me to do it. Not exactly a resolution, it’s more of a personal challenge. I decided to go sugar-free for the next 30 days. Well, actually the next 21 days, because I’m already 9 days into this (yay, tiny high-five). No processed sugars, white sugar, additives, honey, agave, etc. I’ve read about people omitting sugar and it always freaked me out. Give up sugar? I don’t think so. And then I saw Alec Baldwin on Piers Morgan. He gave up sugar completely and I’m sitting here thinking, good grief, if Alec Baldwin can do it, surely I can give it a whirl.

This stuff is so good.

This is kryptonite. So good.

So, after getting my sugar fix the last two weeks of December and then systematically foisting all cookies, chocolate and candy onto house guests, I started New Year’s Day. It’s going pretty well, except for the time when my husband opened a bag of caramel corn last week– that was a moment of pure strength. Beyond that, I haven’t seen a drop in energy, experienced headaches, moodiness or anything.

To combat sugar cravings, I’ve been juicing and for the most part, that’s working. You might remember that I borrowed my friend’s juicer back in October (Getting Your Greens) and I’ve been juicing ever since (and bought my own). By doing fruit/veggie combos, I get a hit of natural sweetness, and it keeps me out of cupboards looking for more snacks. As a comparison, my Apple-Carrot juice equals about 18g fruit sugars vs. a whopping 47g sugar in a Starbucks Grande Pumpkin Spice Latte.


Clockwise: Green juice, Pineapple-Berries, Carrot-Apple, Celery-Carrot-Apple, Watermelon-Strawberry, Pear-Blackberry.

Have you ever gone off sugar? Tell me about it and what you felt like. Did you add it back into your diet later? How’d that go? I’d love to hear your experiences.

I’ll keep you posted on how it goes. Wish me luck!

x Laura


25 responses to “Caramel Corn is my Kryptonite

  1. Give up my chocolate? Nooooooooo

  2. You are my hero (heroine?) but you are all alone on this one sweetie. E

  3. Be brave. I’ll live vicariously through your challenge. xo

  4. Cold turkey? Well, knowing you, Laura, you’re sweet enough to just do this!
    I might be inspired – but give up my sweet tea and coffee? I’m not so sure . . .
    Good luck!

  5. How do you feel? I’m guessing the taste of sugar will sicken you at the end of your experiment . You are one smart cookie. :-). E

    • Speaking of cookies…:) I think I’ve got my routine down and the juicing really helps me. The real test will be traveling, when I don’t have all my handy foods available. I feel absolutely fine and pretty even-keeled, which kinda surprises me.

  6. Guess what? My kids got us a fancy Juicer for Christmas! I’ve been juicing like crazy! A glass of fruit concoction is all I need for my sweet tooth.
    Kids did well….very well! So glad they’re working now! haha
    Have you tried orange & pear combo? Yum!

    • Ohhh, yay you! Those kids of yours are fantastic. You raised some smart people. I haven’t tried orange/pear yet, but I looooove pears so I’ll try it asap. I just bought a 10 bag of carrots and have big plans for them. Holy crow.

  7. Good luck, Laura!! I don’t think giving up sugar cold turkey would work for me…but I believe sugar is the root of all evil, health-wise. I hope it goes well, be my motivator….please! Good luck!

  8. Life is too short. I think anything in moderation is good. Got to have a little bit of sugar once in a while.

  9. Looks as if the sugar industry is safe! Your juicing pictures were fantastic and inviting! Good luck on the trip but you’ll be fine I’m sure.

  10. My brother in law has been juicing for 2 weeks and lost 10 pounds and reduced blood pressure. So I think its a good thing. He does it as a meal replacement though 2 times a day and eats a sensible dinner.

  11. I am pretty much at peace with sugar. Not too much, not too little, not everyday, not once a year either.
    Do you see any changes in weight or cravings after you started juicing?


    • Hi Edita! Juicing has been great for me. I snack a lot less on any kind of food and I get a range of fruits and veggies that I wouldn’t eat. My stomach is flatter. My weight is normally very regular and I’ve dropped a few pounds this month, but nothing significant. Juicing just makes me feel good, even-keeled and satisfied. My advice is to juice on an empty stomach, then wait 20 minutes to eat. Let’s the juice be absorbed without food getting in the way. Sorry, I just wrote a book for a response! Hope this helps.
      X Laura

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