You’re probably a better shopper than I am.

My fashion confession is that I don’t like shopping that much. It seems like a lot of effort for little gain. After a few hours of hitting the shops with The List (must.find.perfect.pant/dress/shoe), I end up vowing to overhaul my exercise routine, indulge in too many moments of body unhappiness and will most likely have at least one thing that needs to be returned. In short, I feel drained and have just added another errand to my list.

Clearly not me. I never shop in heels.

You’d think that online shopping would be the way to go, but it has its own set of trials. After obsessing about an item for a few days (or weeks) and seeing if I can get it cheaper anywhere else (more time spent), I’ll buy it. The elation that comes when the UPS guy drops the package is wonderful. All the promise of a fantastic new edition to the closet is moments away. I’ll pretty much stop anything else in progress, to try on the coveted item inside that tissued box. And I’ll tell myself for a good couple of hours, that said item is amazing — until the shoe starts to squeak (true story), or the color is not really that flattering (true again), or the size is too big/small/wonky (all the time). Deflated, I pack it back up, where it sits for 10 days before I make a trip to the packaging store (another errand).

Not my boxes either. I would freak out if I had this many returns.

Which is the better process? Right now neither, but I have a new shopping game plan. An 80/20 proposal and an open mind. The List is probably not gonna happen, so I’m going to dial back on that. I’m going to persevere on buying in-person, because trying it on, feeling the fabric and judging the fit/color/vibe is important to me.  That’s my 80%. The other 20% will go to the UPS guy and his exciting deliveries of Rue La La, Zara, etc., knowing it comes with a Russian roulette rate of success and a search for packing tape.

Going in person, while it takes time and an extra dose of self-love, tends to net me a better result and often beloved surprises. I go looking for black pumps (a cinch to find, right?) and come home with smoking slippers (…and loving them). Shopping victory. I’m sure I’ll find those black pumps, when I need a new pair of sunglasses anyway. That’s the secret right? Never go with a purpose. Just keep at it.

How do you keep shopping fun, productive and satisfying?? And where do you shop most, locally or online? Do you shop alone or with friends? Your wisdom is needed.

x Laura


15 responses to “You’re probably a better shopper than I am.

  1. It was like reading my own thoughts : ) I shop online mostly, this way my pile of never worn things growing year by year. I think at some point I might start an online store myself (with everything I’ve got by now). The only way out of this quandary I see is to stick to some brands you know and like or shops which selection you trust. Not much of a solution,I know : P

    • This is actually great advice. I might even write down my sizing in favorite brands to help with getting it right. Possibly I just need to narrow my focus and only collect a handful of labels. Thanks so much for your thoughts! I like your idea of starting your own online store or doing consignment online. Smart gal.
      x Laura

  2. I also look for clothes mostly online, a much time-saving way to choose. Well, you have to put up with error, for me it is about 10-15% of my purchases. But practice makes you better.

  3. A a thrift shopper, I can never go looking for one thing in particular. It’s like a zen process: clear your mind and be willing to see- the hidden treasure.
    Like smoking slippers.

    • I do love thrifting. It’s all about the surprise and uncovering the find. I can see why you love it so much! BTW, congrats on going toward your dreams. Big hugs and much success to you!
      x Laura

  4. Oh, I loved this Laura. My husband bought me a large dressing mirror for Christmas that he dubbed The Truth Mirror. I brought home the perfect maxi dress on Sunday, and The Truth Mirror made me take it back on Monday. :0 /

    It doesn’t matter where or how I buy things, I know the dreaded moment in front of The Truth Mirror awaits. Elaine

  5. I love shopping with my daughter. Well, she shops and I pay.
    I live about 2 hours away from my fav shopping area so I mostly shop online. I like the sites with free shipping/return!
    I’m afraid our local UPS guy knows me very very well! :)
    Believe it or not, most of my shoe purchases are via online.

    • Oh your shoe collection is divine! What your online success rate with keeping things? Do you experiment or shop certain labels?
      I’m looking forward to the shopping years with my daughter. I know it will be expensive, but fun for me all the same.

      • Oh, I’d say 70/30 success rate. I tend to stay with the brands I know well. Although, I do experiment when I see something that catches my eye. ;)
        I find when I go shopping with my daughter, we talk a lot! I love it that we can have fun and talk about everything and anything. Ahh…mother-daughter bonding moments!! :) I’m sure you’ll have many many bonding moments with your daughter!
        Bed time! Have a good evening, Laura!

  6. I need to have plenty of patience and time, otherwise I get frustrated. But I think your approach is right – if you find something, great, even if it’s not what you had on your list. That’s why I like thrift shopping. Everything is so cheap that I can just get what strikes my fancy, even if I didn’t think I needed it. But I do still really need a black pencil skirt…

  7. I just shop online these days – too much drama otherwise :(


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