Loving: Sweatshirts and Skirts

Wearing a sweatshirt with a dressier skirt is one of those artfully casual-but-not-really looks, that appeal to me. A throw-on outfit that manages to be both pulled-together and down-to-earth at the same time. It elevates the sweatshirt out of its weekend rotation and is a nice option for cool days and nights. Check out how these beautiful bloggers have styled their sweatshirt + skirt combos. And it seems to me that this outfit  works for many ages and body types.
Sweatshirt + Full Skirt

sweatshirt with skirt

Blogger Auroran Henkarit via Chictopia

Sweatshirt + Pencil Skirt

Left - blogger Fashion Agony, Right - Made With Fashion, both via Chictopia

Bloggers Fashion Agony, left and Made With Fashion, right, both via Chictopia

Sweatshirt + Short or Long Skirt

Left - blogger Glamgerous, Right - Maria Jernov both via Chictopia

Bloggers Glamgerous, left and Maria Jernov, right, both via Chictopia

Links to these ladies:

Two Cute Options:

Rebecca Minkoff Sleeveless Sweatshirt $198

Sundry Pullover $87

Do you think this works for older women as well or is it better on the under 40 crowd? Being 40+ myself, I’m always curious to hear what you think. Are cozy sweatshirts ready for prime time?

x Laura


11 responses to “Loving: Sweatshirts and Skirts

  1. I remember a youngish Chloe Seveny doing it what a decade ago? It seems so fresh still, as long as the sweatshirt is clean and tidy. It’s a great look- let’s face it, casual is what is modern for today- jeans, Tees, and Sweatshirts.

  2. I love it. Casual chic, a look I know you could pull off easily, Laura!

  3. Elaine Bergner

    For us oldies, it kind of depends on how tailored the sweatshirt is I think. If it’s very plain and not too bulky, I think it would look amazing. I’ve got to try it. Sometimes I get bored with sweaters and this would be a nice new look. Elaine

  4. Well, I’ve never thought about a sweatshirt being anything other than something I throw on when I get home. Looks comfy & chic on those bloggers….hmmm….I’m thinking…. ;)

  5. I love my grey sweatshirt from Zara, I wear it with everything. It’s a great backdrop for a fun statement necklace.

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