Life is Good

The month of May flew by in a series of birthday celebrations, graduation happenings, visits with both sides of family and the end of school. To cap it off, we were lucky to finish the school year by Memorial Day weekend, so my hubby, kiddo and I promptly left Boulder for some surf, sand and a visit to Disneyland in California.

Crystal Cove State Park near Laguna

Crystal Cove State Park near Laguna

Three days of beach and nature hikes around Huntington Beach was just what we needed. I’d highly recommend staying at the Shorebreak Hotel in Huntington Beach as a base camp to the area. Not only are they dog-friendly, but it is located right across from miles of clean, wide beach. It’s got a laid-back surfer theme and the service is all top-notch (as is the people watching). From here we explored Seal Beach, the Bolsa Chica Ecological Preserve, Crystal Cove State Park and Newport Beach. In the afternoons, we’d go to the beach and watch the surfers, dig for sand crabs and play. We ate well and enjoyed all the natural beauty. Ahhh bliss.

Huntington Beach Pier

Huntington Beach Pier

Then it was on to Mickey. I was SO excited to take my family to Disneyland. Daniel and I had both been to Disney World as kids, but we hadn’t made the pilgrimage with our own child yet. Needless to say, it was a great time. We did Disneyland in one day and then California Adventure the next day. Wham, Bam, Done. We were tired-to-the-bone, but happy.

Disneyland / Sleeping Beauty Castle

Disneyland / Sleeping Beauty Castle

And because we must have needed more to do…we got a new puppy. Actually, we’d been looking for a while when this little cutie showed up at a local rescue organization. So, we just went for it. He’s a 4-month old Lab mix and I really can’t get over his fuzzy face. Jackson is keeping us very busy with training, teething and playing. Reminds me so much of the toddler years, but of course it’s much easier with a dog. Hats off to all those parents in toddler mode right now. A moment of praise for you!

Lucky for us he’s sleeping through the night and likes his kennel (well mostly). Almost lost one of my shoes yesterday, but he hadn’t really gotten too far, thankfully. Nothing like kids and puppies to keep you on your toes!

Labrador Schnauzer mix

Feeling very full and happy. More fashion to come, but I was excited to share the goodness in life with you.

x Laura


14 responses to “Life is Good

  1. Elaine Bergner

    Thank you for this blog. It was wonderful to hear your happiness.

  2. Beautiful Blog, my dear one.

  3. Ha! What a whirlwind month you’ve had! Family, adventure and travel topped of with a beautiful ball of fur named, Jackson! Love this guy, so cute…congratulations, Laura!!

  4. I remember when Crystal Cove was basically a private beach, nothing like it is today!

  5. Jackson is adorable! So nice to hear you adopted a four legged love.

    Sue xo

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  8. Hey Laura, I came cross your lovely blog and the photo of Jackson while we were googling in an attempt to try to distinguish what mix our puppy is…..she could be Jacksons litter mate. So cute. In the meantime, I loved your blog and can’t wait to spend more time here….

    • Hi! I’m so excited to hear that you’ve got a new puppy. I’ll bet she is so adorable. So we had a hard time figuring out what Jackson was too. Some people said labradoodle, some said wheaten terrier mix and his adoption description was lab/schnauzer. So, we finally did a DNA test when he was about 2 years old, because I wanted to know out of curiosity, health risks and training. Well, he is 50% lab and 50% miniature schnauzer. Which fits exactly with his personality. We thought he had terrier in there. Loves to dig holes (and can do it crazy fast) and has a soft wiry hair.
      Tell me about your pup! I’d love to see a picture of her.
      x Laura

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