Beauty Mixology

I wish this new generation of BB/CC, do-it-all potions really did cut my routine down to one amazing product. Then maybe my bathroom cabinet wouldn’t look like an aisle at Sephora. I’ve tried a few of these magic bullets, but they still don’t do it for me. So, I started mixing up my own potions with my favorite beauty products as a base. You can do the same thing with your faves or try out some of my ideas.

Mixology 1: Day Cream + Vitamin C

vitamin c powder

Philosophy Turbo Booster C Powder

Every skincare article I’ve read says that Vitamin C is a must for daytime. It zaps free-radicals which cause skin damage  and that sounds pretty kick-ass to me. Of course, my favorite daycream/sunscreen, Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 40, does not have vitamin c in it. But I love it and you can’t make me use anything else. Now, all I do is take a tiny scoop of Philosophy Turbo Booster C Powder and three squirts of moisturizer, mix in palm and apply to face/neck/chest. Voila, I’m covered. Bonus: you can add this powder to any cream and it blends seamlessly.

Mixology 2: Body Bronzer + Sunscreen

St. Tropez Instant Glow Body Lotion

St. Tropez Instant Glow Body Lotion

I got a delux free sample of this St. Tropez Instant Glow Body Lotion bronzer and it really does have one of the best fake tan color for your body. It’s brown/tan, not that orange/tan that we’re so used to seeing. Because I’m already applying sunscreen to my arms and legs, I just added some bronzing lotion at the same time. Squeeze out a normal amount of sunscreen in your hand, add the bronzing lotion on top, mix and apply. Don’t forget to wash your hands (the bronzer will stain your palms otherwise, but you knew this already).

I like bronzers vs. tanners that develop over time, because I don’t have to exfoliate, shave and worry that I missed a spot (yeah, I’m that lazy). Instead I get immediate gratification. They also smell better and you can layer on the depth of color you want. When I wear a skirt, sometimes I just do my legs. Then it washes off in the shower and I’m back to my natural color.

Mixology 3: Body Oil + Body Lotion



I copied this trick after watching my nail gal do this during a pedicure. She added essential oil to body cream and applied it to my feet and legs. It was crazy moisturizing and left a pretty sheen on my skin. Monkey-see, monkey-do. Now after showering, I add Bio-Oil to my everyday body lotion and slather all over. Bio-Oil is formulated to treat scars, stretch marks, uneven, aging and dehydrated skin, so I figured at this point my whole body could benefit from it. It’s incredibly dry in Colorado and this dynamic duo keeps my skin hydrated longer.

Hope this gives you some new ideas for playing chemist with your own beauty products. If you’re already mixing up your own concoctions, please share the recipes. We all can benefit from your creativity!

x Laura


3 responses to “Beauty Mixology

  1. These sound like wonderful tips, can’t wait to try the last concoction!

  2. Elaine Bergner

    This looks too interesting to read quickly. Going over it later after babysitting duties. Not too many blogs that I don’t speed read.

  3. I started using bio oil a few months ago and I love it..great for winter dryness!

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