Kicking Back


Got inspired to share my shoes over at Citizen Rosebud Shoe Shine today. Got these shimmering summer sandals from Anthropologie on a whim. They are wonderful and more comfortable than I thought. I love anything ethic-inspired and these give me that feeling. I wore them all over the place in California and they were great.

Go see all the wonderful shoe shots over at Bella’s blog and join in if you want.

x Laura



6 responses to “Kicking Back

  1. Hi Laura, I’m visiting via Bella’s Summer Shoe Shine. Your sandals are worthy of their own blog post! Lovely, stylish and comfy looking. Loving your pedicure too!

    Sue xo

    • Thanks so much for coming over from CR. I saw your red gingham outfit and pretty shoes. They’re great!
      I though my pink toes might be a bit too pink, but now I love them. Thx for stopping by!

  2. Elaine Bergner

    They are seriously cool!!

  3. I’m seriously digging those sandals. Love the nail polish too. :)

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