Not So Lazy

What is that saying about the lazy days of summer? The last few weeks have been full of good moments, lots of scurrying around, celebrations and one chill, relaxing day at the ballpark. That might have been my first official lazy summer day. Watching the Rockies play the Giants this past Saturday, in perfect 80 degree weather with a Blue Moon in my cup holder and my family by my side. Yup, I think that qualifies.

Peonies in my garden | still juicing | wet dog | at the game

Peonies in my garden | still juicing | wet dog | at the Rockies game w/ Daniel

Along with everything else, June had mostly been about settling in our new dog, Jackson. We adopted him a month ago. He is part Labrador, part Schnauzer, and 100% puppy. At 6 months, he’s exuberant, goofy, chewy and needs tons of love and training. He also loves water, so he runs through sprinklers whenever he can. So much fun to watch. We’re training him through Humane Society classes and he’s doing well; it just takes time and lots of patience. We even installed a baby gate (again). I thought we were done with baby things, but apparently not quite yet.

Laura 50th Anniv.

dress: Lela Rose | shoes: Me too | belt: Nordstrom | bracelet: Deepa Gurnani | earrings: Anthropologie

In mid-June, we had the chance to help my in-laws celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary in Dallas. They had a beautiful party filled with the warmth of friends and family, great food and music, and a gorgeous venue. Everyone had a good time and we all danced until the last song played. Here’s to fifty years and counting!

It’s always fun/fretful to figure out what to wear for a party. I ended up liking my outfit, which I’ll admit took me over a month to pull together. One of the fun things about cocktail parties is to see how each woman reflects her style for that event. It’s great to see the bold and beautiful choices that a room full of 40+ women make. I got the sense that everyone was very much at ease.

Hopefully, you’ve had a few lazy days to enjoy in June. Or maybe a whole day is too much to ask for. A few lazy hours? Sometimes, that’s all we can manage. There’s always July…

x Laura


12 responses to “Not So Lazy

  1. Elaine Bergner

    Your daughter must be gorgeous with parents like hers! The Lela Rose is a great color for you. And that puppy…too cute. If you can train him, I’ll send you my incorrigible Bichon, Matisse. Off to Alaska in a few days. Woohoo! Elaine

    • If I can train my dog, it’ll be through sheer luck and a truckload of treats. Thanks for those sweet comments too. Alaska?! I’m excited for you. Email more details please.

  2. Laura, you look like a teenager! How fun & I LOVE the photos!.. and your pup! so so cute!!
    Gorgeous in your cocktail dress!!!
    Have a wonderful 4th!!

    • My fountain of youth lies in those wonderful filters for phone pics. They make everything look better. ;) Except my dog, he’s just pretty darn cute on his own. I’m looking forward to seeing you back at the blogging post (when you’re ready…)

  3. Laura, you look so beautiful! What wonderful photos. Life is good:) xoxo

  4. Happy happy happy & fresh! Stunning in this dress! xxx

  5. Cute pup and great dress!

  6. What a beautiful dress! This color looks stunning on you. Great design and fit.

    blue hue wonderland

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