Fancy That

Elie Saab embellished top

Elie Saab Fall 2013

We’re getting to that point in the year, when time starts to pass at lightning speed. You’ll probably have more kids’ school concerts, after-work parties and holiday open houses to go to, than in all the other months combined. Which is kind of great, right?! You’ll get to blow-off some steam, socialize and procrastinate on finding gifts a bit longer. It also means having something casual-but-dressy to wear, which is why I’m throwing these fancy sweatshirts sweaters at you. Dress ’em up, or dress ’em down and they look good every which way.

Joie sweatshirt sweater

Joie Fall 2013

Rebecca Taylor embellished sweatshirt

Rebecca Taylor (also in Black)

J. Crew Cashmere colorblock sweater

J. Crew Cashmere Top

Chanel embellished sweatshirt

Chanel Fall 2013

These embellished sweatshirts are equally as happy with skirts, as they are with dress pants. Then on the weekend, pair one up with jeans. The crewneck keeps you covered (and warm), while the slouchiness and print make it interesting. Got a trip coming up? It could be worn on the plane, out for dinner that night and then again for ice skating with your kids, etc. Anyway, you get it. It’s a multi-tasker.

Be well,

x Laura

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10 responses to “Fancy That

  1. Inspired by your post, when I went Xmas shopping today I found a dark grey sweatshirt type sweater with a forest green bottom third for MOI. That’s one way to shop for others…not! I hang my head in shame (but I love the sweater). Elaine

  2. BTW that Chanel sweater and skirt is outrageously cool. Just once, wouldn’t you just love to buy a Chanel piece? E

  3. Holy Molly! I really like the last Chanel look. I’d wear it day in & day out. It’s perrrfect!

  4. J. Crew keeps coming up with the goods. Love the camel, one of my favorite fashion colors.

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