7 Post-Workout Pieces (that you can wear any day)

One of the most important things we can commit to during the holiday season has nothing to do with shopping, baking, hosting guests or decorating the house. It’s ourselves. Often we have a love/hate feeling this time of year and in our efforts to make it festive/memorable/happy/beautiful, we completely lose our balance. We pour all our energy out and forget to take any time for ourselves.

To stay sane (or at least saner) and keep the inner-grinch at bay, sticking to a regular workout routine is essential. Sure, it’s the busiest time of year, but the hours logged on your fitbit will payoff. You’ll sleep better, be less edgy, increase your metabolism and get that lovely hit of endorphins. Definitely worth the effort of pulling on spandex pants.

From Sweat to Street

As you exit the gym/yoga studio/great outdoors with a glow and flexed muscles, there will still be a list of things to do. I don’t know about you, but I hate flashing my spandex rear at anyone, anywhere at anytime. I’m a work in progress and like to cover my wobbly parts as best I can. So in the spirit of going from downward dog to downright chic, here are 7 street-worthy options for your post workout world.

Patagonia Better Sweater Coat

Patagonia Better Sweater Coat $170, in Grey & Black

Athleta Hoodwink Tunic Sweater, post workout wear

Athleta Hoodwink Tunic Sweater, $118 in Navy & Black

Title Nine long sweater, post workout wear

Title Nine Stevie Long Sweater, $178

Title Nine long sweater jacket

Title Nine Assassin Sweater $179

Athleta Sochi long sweater

Athleta Cozy Sochi Sweater $89, in Plum & Black

Ibex long tunic sweater jacket merino

Ibex Back Bay Merino Tunic $180, in Black, Blue or Olive

Athleta down long coat

Athleta Downalicious CYA Coat $228, in Black & Taupe

What I especially love about these pieces is that they’re not workout specific and can be worn any day of the week. They’d be pretty great as travel pieces too. Hope you have a bountiful Thanksgiving holiday. Feel free to eat as much turkey and pie as you want.

x Laura

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2 responses to “7 Post-Workout Pieces (that you can wear any day)

  1. The Nine Assassins sweater is great! It is not too trend, but edgy and a good neutral color. Have you tried one on? I wonder how heavy it is. I like the length too. E

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