Postcard: Isla Mujeres

We did something we’ve never done before. We left right after the holidays and went to a tiny island to do absolutely nothing. Usually we’re busy right up until winter break is over, but this year we freed ourselves for a week of laziness in Isla Mujeres.

playa norte beach

Playa Norte

A Little Jewel

Going to Isla Mujeres is a common day-trip from Cancun. It’s only 20 minutes away by ferry, but definitely worlds apart in mindset. It’s quaint and has that fabled sleepy fishing-town feel to it. Visitors come to relax, snorkel a bit and loll about in the warm, shallow Caribbean waters. The nightlife is more suited to dining out and having a drink on the beach, than partying till the wee hours in the morning.

We decided to spend our entire vacation on this tiny 5-mile island and were so happy about it. It’s laid-back, family-friendly and filled with lots of local charm. Every evening we would walk the pedestrian street of Hildalgo, eat outside and people watch. We met people visiting from Sweden, Britain, Germany, America and other parts of Mexico.

Hildalgo street pedestrian

Hildalgo Street, Isla Mujeres

Sur Point & Turtles

At some point, we decided to drag ourselves out of a beach chair and take a look around. With a temperamental golf cart as our mode, we made an island loop and stopped at Sur Point (south point), Garrafon de Castille, Zama’s for lunch, and the Turtle Farm.

Sur Point

Sur Point and the sculpture garden

Sur Point trail

The trail at Sur Point takes you right to the edge of where land and sea meet.

Turtle Farm

Young sea turtle at the Turtle Farm ( Tortugranja )

And the band played on (and on)

On New Year’s Eve all the locals and tourists went to the main plaza for the countdown. There were easily 1,000+ people there and it was packed to the gills. The mayor of Isla gave a short inspirational message and then before we knew it, “Diez, Nueve, Ocho…Feliz Año Nuevo!” Fireworks went off all around the square, the salsa band struck up and the festivities were on. We stayed for awhile and then took our kiddo home for bed. The next morning at breakfast, our Red Bull-fueled waiter said the salsa band played until 8:00am and people danced all night. Definitely pro.

new year's eve photo

Dinner at La Argentina on New Year’s Eve. Dress and earrings – Anthropologie.

Hope you survived the crazy arctic weather. We got home from this trip just in time for single-digit temperatures in Colorado. We literally ran to our car with our bags trailing behind us, only to find the car door frozen shut. No big deal though, our brains were still in beach mode. If you’ve had enough of snow and cold, I highly recommend this charming island.

Ixchel Beach Hotel

View from our balcony at Ixchel Beach Hotel. Look at that water.

I’m going to add a new Travel tab on the blog’s top menu. I’m a travel nut and would love to share more experiences with you. Hope you enjoyed this diversion from fashion.

Happy 2014!

x Laura


11 responses to “Postcard: Isla Mujeres

  1. Ohhhhh, thanks for sharing Isla Mujeres through your lens and words. It looks like a fabulous destination, and right up my alley…small and laid back. I’m putting it on the list!

    • I thought of you when I posted the water spray picture. I wondered how you would have shot that same view. Got a new camera, so it was fun to try it out. Still learning.

      Isla would be an easy get-away for you, being so much closer to the Cancun than we are. Let me know if you really do go.

  2. Oh my gosh! How wonderful! I enjoyed the pictures “mucho” and am happy that it was such a good vacation for the three of you.

  3. I want to see the sun too!! Very very jealous! xxx

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