Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

This sculpture, on the southern tip of Isla Mujeres, provides a window out over the Caribbean sea. In the far distance you can see the city of Cancun.

sculpture at sur point

at Sur Point, Isla Mujeres

I thought I’d try taking part in some of the weekly photo challenges on WordPress. I recently received a new camera and want to learn how to take better pictures. Hope you like this take on the window theme this week.

x Laura


10 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

  1. Interesting! Were there other sculptures about or was this one standing alone? Elaine

    • There was a whole sculpture walk of art pieces donated by different nations. If you look at last week’s post, you can see the path and sculptures. This is where the Mayan sun rises each morning.

  2. That’s right. I remember now. Very nice! Don’t you hate coming back to this weather. Blech!

  3. Nice use of sculpture!

  4. I love the colors, very nice! I’m looking forward to following your photo challenge posts, Laura, you’re a natural talent.

  5. What a great sculpture! I like how it focuses your eye to isolate a picture. This is interesting to see. Beautiful weathering and colors.

    blue hue wonderland

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