5 Random Things: Jan. 31

These are worthy of sharing. Hope you enjoy!

  1. There are friends and then there are friends. How to tell the difference in What Makes A True Friend, written by a Buddhist physician.
  2. Think you know how to pronounce that designer’s name? Maybe, maybe not. I certainly had a few wrong (way off on Loewe). If you get all the first ones right, try Part 2.
  3. Did you know that people are talking about a First Date Pre-nup? This is happening.
  4. Secrets on how to Get a Table at a Fully Booked Restaurant that don’t include slipping money to anyone.
  5. And lastly, 10 Things to Never Pack In A Checked Bag, which includes the bags that suddenly get gate-checked.

Handful of Fluff!

Have a great weekend!

x Laura


7 responses to “5 Random Things: Jan. 31

  1. These are fun. Who’s bunny?

  2. Nice mid-winter post with helpful links. Re: Pre Nup First Date. We did not worry about that back in 1959!

  3. Finally get to know how to pronounce those designers. Just need to carry them with me – as if I would be shopping for them! Fun blog!

  4. Re: 10 things never to pack in a checked bag. I will NEVER forget when I innocently decided to check my bag at the gate due to an extremely full flight. As I found my seat toward the back of the plane, I remembered that my brand NEW iPad was tucked into the front pocket of my suitcase. Like a salmon swimming upstream, and breaking all speed records I made it to the jetway the moment the gate agent was handing it to the baggage handler. It was a mistake I will never make again. Great list of random things, Laura!

    • The same thing could happen to any of us, with all the new airline fees and crowded overhead bins. I’m so glad you got it back in time! I can imagine how panicked you must have been.
      x Laura

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