Winter Slaying Lotion

When a man recommends a body lotion, it is such an oddity of nature, that I take notice. I didn’t think men gave that much thought to lotion, but here was this older guy who had a very strong recommendation. I was leaving that uniquely suburban shopping experience of Costco and he was the person who was checking my receipt to make sure that I didn’t steal anything. It’s always a slightly uncomfortable moment. Maybe someone slipped something into my cart when I wasn’t looking. It’s like when they ask you at airport security if your bag has been out of your possession. Well, mostly not, except for the bellman, the taxi driver, and the airport shuttle driver. I’ve seen those movies where someone slips drugs into another person’s bag and suddenly an innocent person ends up in a Thai prison doing 3 years hard labor. Makes you nervous.

Luckily, my receipt passed inspection and he pulled out my lotion bottle and said, “You are going to loooove this! My wife and I have been using for the past 3 years and we wouldn’t use anything else. It will make your feet as smooth as a baby’s behind.” After that I was pretty excited about my new lotion experiment. And true to his word, my feet are indeed coming into baby butt territory since using this for a week. The secret is the 12% lactic acid formula, which gently exfoliates and hydrates skin.

Amlactin body lotion

Amlactic Body Lotion

It’s available at many drugstores and big box stores like Target for $13, so no worries if you’re not a Costco member. If you’re heading out for vacation soon and in need of winter skin overhauling, take this guy’s advice. Your skin and feet will be ready for showing in no time.

x Laura


9 responses to “Winter Slaying Lotion

  1. My husband has used gallons of Amlactin over the years. I usually use coconut oil, but if I need “the big guns” I use Amlactin. Elaine

  2. With this harsh winter we’ve been through, I only wish I heard about this earlier … splitting skin sucks!

  3. Our dermatologist recommended this to us a year ago. Good to see it “over the counter” now. Is working great! Thanks for the backup on this!

  4. Mm, I heard this was a good product, but you know what? So are natural organic oils that you get from the natural shops… They honestly work too (and are cheaper often too – and sometimes available in pharmacies)

  5. Now birding in south Texas and if there was ever a place that could use some baby butt behinds, it is here. I’ll sure give it a try when I get home, if my skin lasts that long!
    Thanks for the tip!

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