5 Random Things: March 21

The theme for this edition of 5 Random Things is getting more life out of your life. With the days now equal in daylight and darkness, I think it’s a great time to think about balance.

  1. From the Purpose Fairy, 9 Ways to Bring More Life into Your Life. I especially like the tips on how to tame social media habits.
  2. Snacking is a necessary part of the day. Here are 40 Healthy Snacks to Keep at the Office. Or anywhere for that matter.
  3. Ready to embark upon a new venture or try something new? Find out How To Use Self Doubt as Rocket Fuel. It’s actually a good thing — who would have guessed it?!
  4. Maximize your weekend downtime by creating the right flow and boundaries. 10 Steps to a Happier Weekend gives us simple ideas for savoring our time off.
  5. All hail the return of the sneaker! Come down off those heels and relish 10 Ways to Wear Sneakers. Your feet are going to love it and that means a happier you.
Rock Cairn at The Baths, BVI

Rock Cairn at The Baths, BVI

Enjoy the weekend!

x Laura


5 responses to “5 Random Things: March 21

  1. You know I love my sneakers, I just bought 2 pairs from J.Crew. The fun neon colors add a happy touch to my day. xo

  2. I’m bookmarking your post, Laura. I’m always seeking balance, and could sure use some help on my worst days!
    Hope you are well!

  3. I like your “random” posts. They are like dessert. I go back during the week and check out the different items one at a time.

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