Nothing New: Day 1

Today is the first day of my Nothing New project. I decided that I’d post pictures of outfits from my closet that include nothing new. No new clothes, shoes, jewelry or handbags. I’m not a big shopper, so it’s not about curbing that. It’s more about the desire to create from what I already have. At this stage in my life, I have a full closet. Some good, some so-so, but what the heck is in there and how can I make it work?

Day 1

In honor of Tax Day I’m wearing all black, and since I’m an optimist, I added a burst of yellow. It’s also chilly, hence the snow-in-spring outfit.



Meet Jackson, my scruffy dog

Do you guys remember Jackson (here’s his baby picture)? We adopted him last June and he’s all grown up now (1 year, 4 months). You’ll probably see him a lot over the next 30 days.

Outfit: Vince sweater/ 7 for all Mankind jeans/ Anthropologie shirt / Ugg boots/ House of Harlow arrow necklace / World Market beaded necklace/ Loft bracelet

Feeling off to good start!

x Laura


7 responses to “Nothing New: Day 1

  1. Love the look! Taxes behind us for a new year. I like the use what you have concept and looking forward to a fresh look as often as you post.

  2. Brilliant! You look fab. (So does Mr. Jackson. He turned out to be bigger than I thought he would be.). You’ve inspired me to start examining my threads too. E

    • Thank you! Jackson turned out to be bigger than I thought he would be too!! That’s the surprise with pound puppies. Ya never really know what’s going to happen. Hope your closet is coming along nicely.
      x Laura

  3. Great outfit, love the pop of yellow with the black! Your doggie is cute.

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