Nothing New – Day 2


Today was a busy one and I knew it would be. I did take time to call my parents and email some close friends, but forgot to drink water until 3:30. I was so thirsty by that time, I did that gasping chug, chug, chug until I couldn’t hold any more. It was also windy and I think the wind just pulled the water right out of every pore. I got Jackson a new dog bed for his crate and he has been eyeballing it with a certain longing and excitement. Wait until he sees the new bones.

Wearing: Anthropologie cardigan, t-shirt & necklace / Lucky Brand jeans / Franco Sarto flats

Have a great day!

x Laura

“I have lived a long life and had many troubles, most of which never happened.”   — Mark Twain


7 responses to “Nothing New – Day 2

  1. Love the pst 2 posts. Giving me some great ideas. Things I have in my wardrobe – thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Love the vibrant red cardigan and lipstick to match – speaks of energy! Couldn’t wait to see what you would be wearing on Day 2.

  3. Pretty outfit. Is that a sweater under the sweater? E

  4. Red is your color, for sure. I’m really loving the cardigan, tee and necklace together. Looking good, Laura!

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