Nothing New – Day 22


Wearing: Madewell animal print top / Loft tank top / Banana Republic eyelet pencil skirt / Zara nude wedges / Anthropologie cinch belt / Stella & Dot silver spiral bracelet / Loft bangle / vintage necklace.

White pants are pretty terrifying to me, but I feel much more relaxed in a white skirt. I always envy women who look great in a pair of white pants. They look so chic and effortless. Maybe one day I’ll find a pair that I’m comfortable in, but until then I’m happy to wear skirts. This one is a lined, eyelet skirt with a substantial fabric and now that I’m looking at it more closely, it could probably use a tweak at the tailors for the hemline.

One thing that has been great about this Nothing New project, is really taking a harder look at what works and what doesn’t. I have several items that I want to take to the tailor and am making a mental list of accessories I’d like to make my outfits better in the future. It’s been interesting to see what’s really in there.  I truly appreciate you being along for the ride.

Have a great evening! I’m catching up on Game of Thrones as soon as I publish this.

x Laura



6 responses to “Nothing New – Day 22

  1. Oh, Laura! You wardrobe makes me feel a tad envious. You are so great at styling a HUGE variety of looks! Love this series:) xoxo

    • I feel the same way about your wardrobe! So glad you are showing it off. You have a wonderful sense of style, color and texture. Always have! Thx for following along on this wacky 30 day journey. It’s been tough and fun.
      x Laura

  2. Wow! Stylish and sleek. Love the “return” of the waist cincher belt with the outfit.

  3. Killer shoes, L! Love the printed tee and jewelry. You look put together, as always!

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