Nothing New – Day 24

Light jacket  and layers for cooler temps

Light jacket and layers for cooler temps

Wearing: Tulle 3/4 jacket / Anthropologie chambray tunic top (similar) / Levi’s Curve ID jeans / Miss Sixty lace-up boots / Anthropologie infinity scarf (similar) / Anne Klein bracelet watch / Francesca’s drop earrings (similar)

We dipped down in temperature and a moody, coastal-type mixture of rain, clouds and damp has settled in for the day. You never really know which end is up here weather-wise, so it’s nice to head out in layers. Underneath the hip-length jacket is a chambray tunic top, layered with a beaded infinity scarf. I think I’d like to travel in this kind of outfit too, layering and un-layering as needed. The lace-up boots are very comfortable and I could wear these all day, the only downside being it would take longer at airport security. Worth it? Heck yeah. Comfort = happy mama.

One trick that I learned this year was to layer a necklace or two underneath a scarf. That way when you take your scarf off, you still have on a great accessory.

x Laura

p.s. Is anybody else loving Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show? He makes my day. And the Roots as your house band? That is cool.

I like to see people laugh who are normally serious. — Jimmy Fallon



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