Nothing New – Day 25

Print Top + Skirt

Print Top + Skirt

Wearing: Eddie Bauer printed top / Arden B. skirt w/ ruffle hem (so old) / Cole Haan black kitten heel sandals / World Market silver necklace w/ rhinestones / beaded bracelet (gift) / Anna Beck earrings (similar).

Going into the home stretch of this Nothing New project, I have a few skirts and dresses left to outfit, so that’s what’s on tap for the next few days. People might be surprised that there are quality tops to be found at Eddie Bauer. I used to think of them as mostly a travel clothing / gear store, but they have a lot of good staples too. They use 100% cotton (harder to find these days) that is super soft, washes up very well and lasts. They cut to flatter by covering up bra straps, that awkward skin between my bra and armpit, and have a long enough shirttail to tuck or leave out. Every summer I update a few of my seasonal basics from this store.

Where do you shop for your summer staples?

x Laura

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8 responses to “Nothing New – Day 25

  1. So funny! I first read what you were wearing and thought, “Eddie Bauer? Amazing!” And when I read what you wrote it was like you were right here answering my question! I will give them a look for sure!

  2. Eddie Bauer? However, I should have known because I bought a quilted down jacket there, one that I have worn almost daily weeks on end and it still looks good. I’ll have to look at items besides outerwear. Brilliant! Break out your sweaters for the next few days! They are predicting snow! E

    • Did I see that quilted jacket of yours? Their stuff lasts, which is harder and harder to find these days without spending a bundle for it. It’s the kind of place you can get an expedition backpack and some yummy tank tops. ;)
      x Laura

  3. You look great in red, love the print/colors of your top! LOFT’s current summer collection is killing it, I just bought a bunch of summer staples. I love everything I bought, which is rare since I can be picky. I’m so ready for summer now!

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