On Writing

A Girl Who Writes

A Girl Who Writes

Last week, just as I was finishing my Nothing New project, Mallory High of Positively Minutiae, tagged me to be a part of a blog hop that focuses on the writing process. First off, Mallory writes an incredibly humorous blog that you’ll be happy to discover. She’s an amazing, gifted writer and unfairly, she’s also remarkably stylish. So, when she tapped me to share my writing process, I was happy, humbled and honored.

The blog hop has a series of questions on the topic How I Write:

What am I working on?

As far as writing goes, I’m doing a freelance project for a local wellness business and writing my blog. I don’t have a ‘book in me’ that’s dying to get out and never have. I’m more of a copywriter than a storyteller. If I had a movie character career, she would be either a fashion editor or a travel writer. For me globally, I’m working on weeding, in my yard, house and in my psyche.

How does my writing differ from others of this genre?

I’m not sure that it does, really, but my writing style tends to be conversational. My writing just tumbles out of my head like we’re two friends at a cafe, catching up, eating muffins and sipping on lattes. And you, you’re just dying to know all about the Spring 2014 trends, like literally on the edge of your seat. And you’re awesome like that.

Why do I write what I do?

Not to get too deep about this, but I love fashion and street style and thought that I could write more consistently about those two things, than I could any other topic (except maybe travel).  Fashion is a mirror of our culture, personal choices, and our desire to belong or separate from one another. I used to write every day as a part of my work, so when I left my full-time job, I still craved an outlet for all my ideas.

How does my writing process work?

My best flow comes in the morning until about 2:00pm and caffeine is necessary. I’ll noodle on ideas for a day or two in my head and then just sit down and start writing. Most of the time I finish in one sitting, get up, do something physical instead of mental, and come back to edit. I try not to over think it too much and keep it short, because everyone’s time is precious. Reading a lot of other blogs, industry news, watching runway shows and staying current on street style helps me have an informed point-of-view. In the end, that helps me write more quickly.

Also, I always include pictures, because as my graphic design professor once told me, people like people. We’re like monkeys, who just want to see what the other monkeys are doing.

Now, in order to keep the blog hop going and to highlight other writers and learn about their process, I get to pick two blogs whose writing I really enjoy:

  • Shorts by Elisa Ruland: The first thing you’ll notice about Elisa’s blog is her photography, because her photos will knock you sideways. And she could leave her photo blog at that, because her images speak volumes. Instead, her writing takes you there, to the location, and helps you feel where the sun angles the shot.
  • Maison Bentley Style by Kate Bentley: The gorgeous photos draw me in and then I am drawn deeper by Kate’s lyrical, romantic, thought-provoking and modern writing. She continues to impress me with her content, point-of-view and professional-looking blog. And she’s a Londoner, so that’s cool too.

Thanks again to Mallory for including me on the blog hop and for giving me the chance to spotlight two other bloggers who deserve some notice.

x Laura


7 responses to “On Writing

  1. Laura, Your mention is high praise since I consider you one of the best writers out there. Somehow your words seem to tumble effortlessly out of your mind and land on a page instantly readable and entertaining. Thank you, so much!!

  2. Loved this Laura! Thank you for your kind words, sharing your process with typical style and grace, and giving me two more blogs to read:) xoxo

  3. xxxxxxxxx I am utterly touched and honoured – a huge thank you. I agree with Elisa..your writing style speaks to me too and I loved reading this post. Now I’m going to have to think!! xxxxx

  4. I enjoyed this post, it provided insight and explains why your posts are so thoughtful and a real pleasure to read. xx

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