This blog has always tracked global street style, because I find other cities and people around the world so fascinating. I read books on Geo-political topics for pleasure and it’s my habit to read national news first and then jump over to the BBC news page for a broader world view. There are so many news items that the US papers don’t even cover. Over the past year, I’ve been keeping up on the conflict in the Ukraine and it’s disintegrating quickly and violently.

After reading All The Light We Cannot See at the beginning of the year, it crystallized for me that wars and conflicts are singularly political, and that the people, families and communities always lose, no matter which side they are on.

I wanted to feature street style from Kiev, Ukraine today because it’s important to put a face to places. Conflict touches regular people — these people and their loved ones. I’m not sure what the next political move is by the international community, but I am watching and I care.

Anya (photo: Style in Kyiv)

Anya (photo: Style in Kyiv)

Diana (photo: Style in Kyiv)

Diana (photo: Style in Kyiv)

Diana - (photo: Style in Kyiv)

Diana – (photo: Style in Kyiv)

Yana - (photo: Style in Kyiv)

Yana – (photo: Style in Kyiv)

Be sure to check out more from Style in Kyiv and see street fashion and beautiful faces from Kiev, Ukraine.

We are all one.

x Laura

“Open your eyes and see what you can with them before they close forever.”
Anthony Doerr, All the Light We Cannot See


10 responses to “Conflict

  1. I do love these looks, Laura. All current and fabulous with an international flair. Your spotlighting the Ukraine is important, we get caught up in the horrors of the world, but then forget the devastating fallout on the innocent bystanders trying to go about their daily lives. A fabulous, insightful post! xo

    • Thanks so much! Your comments are always so soulful and insightful themselves. I’m waiting to hear what will happen this Wednesday at the EU – Russia talks. Should be interesting.
      x Laura

  2. A great reminder. Thanks!

  3. Soulful, insightful and heartfelt post. Thank you. Elaine

  4. Amazing how people get on with their lives in the face of such conflict … excellent photos!

  5. Great blog post,Laura. I hope Ukraine gets the help from the US and other countries very soon.

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