Making the Switch

About a year ago, I was taking off my dime store nail polish with regular Cutex remover. The nails underneath were off-color, which was par for the course, and would require that I paint them again asap to cover this up. I usually only painted my toes in the warmer months, giving them a good couple of months to rest, recover and look like healthy nails again, during the winter. I was also annoyed that my thumb and index finger turned extremely dry and rough after using the acetone polish remover and wondered if I’d have to wear gloves from now on. What a pain. I also always volunteered to take off my daughter’s nail polish, so she didn’t have to get her skin all jacked-up. But really I was sick of it.

The first switch I made was to use Josie Maran Bear Naked Nail Wipes, which are acetone-free, infused with argan oil and expertly take off layers of nail polish with minimal effort. They smell great (like grapefruit), nourish the cuticles (with argan oil) and leave my skin very happy. A jar ($9) holds 20 wipes and I typically use 2-3, depending on how dark my polish is. What a difference.


The second switch I made was to buy some Zoya nail polish, which is free of toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and DBP (they call it the Big 5 toxins). I bought 2 colors, plus the base and top coat formulas. I assumed that it wouldn’t last as long or be as shiny, but boy was I wrong. My first do-it-yourself application (so not professional) lasted 3 weeks without a chip in sight. It could have gone longer. And when it came time to take off the polish, my nails underneath were a happy, healthy rosy color, like they should be. None of that yellowish, off-color look.

I'm currently wearing Zoya Margo

I’m currently wearing Zoya Margo

That was last fall and I immediately threw out all of my other nail polish and remover. Now that it’s summer, I ordered a few more colors for me and a few for my daughter (she likes blues and this sparkly green one, Stassi). Zoya ($9) always has promotions going (love that), so we get bonus colors too. This time they sent full-size bottles of their new colors Kimmy and Kalmia:

Zoya Kimmy

Zoya Kimmy

Zoya Kalmia

Zoya Kalmia

Check out the new fall colors and consider trying it for yourself. I’m not paid to market any of this, I just love sharing good products with you.

Zoya Fall Collection Nail Polish

Zoya Fall Collection Nail Polish

Enjoy the day!

x Laura


4 responses to “Making the Switch

  1. Great and informative post – thanks! Just what I needed.

  2. Great product recommendations! I will have to look into the polish remover pads, although I find the acetone to be effective for stubborn nail polish with lots of sparkles/glitter bits.

    I read somewhere that you should go polish free for a full day or two before a new application. It gives your nails a breather and a chance to resume its natural color. I find it helps, that and a good cuticle oil (I love butter london’s, another toxin free nail are line).

  3. I read this post after I saw it on twitter, and then forgot to comment, which is tragic because this is great information. I’ve never been a manicure gal, for the very reasons you mentioned. Nail posh and especially nail polish remover are dangerous things, all chemicals. Your post is informative on this subject, and better yet, provides a solution. I can’t wait to give Zoya and Bearnaked a try. The colors are fab!!

    • The amount of colors they have is mind-boggling. Its like trying to pick candy from the case. I hope we see a lot more natural polishes being offered, so people like us can be excited about wearing nail color. again. Let me know how it goes for you.

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