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Baroque, Rich and Big

Christian Dior Couture 2009, photo:

Velvet capes swoosh through back alleys. Stately rings are proffered for a kiss. Lords showcase livery collars and ladies drop golden pendants into their bosom. Bodices heave and swords strike. King Henry VIII is mercurial in politics and passion, as his second wife Queen Anne has just departed with her head. Thus ends the second season of Showtime’s historical drama, The Tudors (2007-2010, but still available via Netflix).

The Tudor and Baroque era costuming and accessories for the series are dazzling. Lucky for us, Baroque styling (beginning around 1600) never really went out of fashion, because the design elements are timeless: swirling gold details, pearls, velvet, rich color, brocade, lace and heavy ornamentation. It’s easy to fall for the lushness of it all. Look at how many bold-name designers have recently shown collections with baroque richness:

Going Big with Accessories

Want to try your hand at the look? Get in a courtly way with some royally big rings and necklaces for yourself. Just yesterday, I came across a picture of Mary-Kate Olsen with an enormous green and gold ring worn on her index finger. She rocked it, of course, as she usually does.

This is a go big or go bigger kind of look. I think it’s worth a try, especially with all the festive parties and events coming in the next couple of months.


18 Dresses Under $100 (that you’ll love)

Being a part of the Ebates Savvy Living Community has been so much fun. The discussions over there have inspired me to do a post on chic summer dresses for under $100. What’s not to love about looking chic for less money?! To take it one step further, all these dresses can be found at regular mall stores, like Banana Republic, Macy’s, Kohls, Target and LOFT.

More LOFT…

This Crossover Belted dress above, from LOFT, goes for only $49.50 and is that punchy shade of orange that’s all the rage now.

Here’s a gorgeous maxi dress that could be worn for day, night or even a wedding: Bar III, $59 at Macy’s

Going to a summer wedding? Here’s a Painterly Floral Dress from White House|Black Market that festive, swingy and such a gorgeous color.

More J.Crew…

Need a dress for work or meetings? What I love about this J. Crew Jetty dress ($79) is that you can wear it beyond the office — it multi-tasks, just like you.

Because women need options, here ya go. More of everything!

Casual Day Dresses

Fun, Funky Printed Dresses:

Perfect for a Wedding

Great for the Office:

Can you believe all of these dresses are under $100? Which one strikes your fancy?

Keeping It Simple

Photo: Melanie Galea via

Summertime is all about ease. When we stare into our closets in the morning, all we want is something soft, comfortable and uncomplicated. Nothing too restrictive, clingy or fussy. There’s a call to dressing for fluidity and keeping things simple. These are just the right days for dresses, which are easier to throw on than separates, and right now the shirtdress is high on the fashion radar. We might need to exert enough energy to hunt for a belt and a pair of sandals, but really, that’s all you need to finish the outfit.

Reach for a shirtdress in the morning and you’re more than halfway to being ready. No need to change before dinner either, just switch-up your accessories and head out. Everyone will think you made more of an effort…and that’s o.k.

shirtdress via la mode outre

Pauline Lim - Photo: La Mode Outre (via Global Street Style)

Some ideas if you don’t already have one in your closet:

Try undoing a few buttons at the neck and add a pretty necklace, big or small depending on the day.

Which ones do you like better, the printed or the solid shirtdresses? I’m drawn to the Plenty turquoise printed dress because it’s so freakin’ cute, but know that I would wear one of the denim dresses in a heartbeat. Also, the cute yellow floral-printed Anthropologie dress (above) is on sale for $59 (also available in green).

Which one would you wear?

P.S. I just finished the book Three Junes, which means I’ve read 6 books this year. My Goodreads goal is 24 books for the year, so I’m still way behind. The good news is that I’m almost done with Book 7, The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating (which is fascinating). Feel free to click the pictures for more info and reviews.

What are you reading??

Zig or Zag

Photo: Stockhom Street Style, model Dewi Driegen

When we first saw the color red re-emerge as an “it color” over a year ago, in the Fall/Winter 2010 collections, it made a big impact on the runways. Now, here we are in summer 2011 and it still looks as fresh and chic as ever, especially paired with the other “it color” beige. You’ve probably noticed red skinny jeans making a huge splash this spring, either on the street or in editorials. They sure do make you stop and stare (in a good way). Just look at model, Dewi Driegen in her skinny red jeans. Hot, hot, hot. If that’s not your cup of tea, what about trying a flirty skirt, a la Giovanna Battaglia, a fire-engine red handbag like Audrey or a summer-weight blazer. The lipstick shade of red brings a spotlight to wherever you put it, so be prepared for some attention.

Photo: Stockholm Street Style - Giovanna Battaglia

Photo: Stockholm Street Style - Audrey

Photo: Stockholm Street Style

If you’re the kind of woman to ZIG, when other women ZAG, then this picture of Elisa Nalin will win your heart over. She is decidedly wearing green and looks smashing doing so (and those deep purple shoes are soooo cool).

Photo: Stockholm Street Style - Elisa Nalin

Pull out your red (or green) and inspire a little heat of your own this week!

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Butterfly Girl

Inspired by the delicate nature of butterflies. They bring a bohemian glamour and girlish whimsy to these items. I especially love the McQueen dress in the center. It’s dark, Gothic and a bit dangerous — not at all delicate. Also, check out the Bernardaud dome candle in the left corner too. So romantic.
Enjoy the Memorial Weekend everyone!