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Getting Your Greens

This week I borrowed a friend’s juicer to see if I liked it. Rumor has it that juicers are annoying to clean-up, but still undaunted, I wanted to see if vibrantly fresh juice would affect my energy and overall appetite. We (it’s a family experiment) started off easily with fruit juices (orange/pineapple) and have now moved into fruit/vegetable combos (carrot/apple and carrot/apple/celery/parsley). My husband has already told me not to tell him what’s in the glass, because if I use the words beet, kale or wheatgrass, he’s gonna bail on me. Completely predictable and I love the chance to take on a challenge.

7 Daily Greens

If drinking your veggies is off-putting, at least fashion has given us another way to get our daily green fix, since hunter, forest and emerald greens are strong tones right now. Here are 7 stylish examples of how people are wearing it:

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Shopping: Greens Like These Under $300

Using What You’ve Got

You’ve probably already got some deep autumnal greens in your closet. Time to dust them off and put into rotation. Pairs well with deep purple, peacock blue, black, white and wine.

If you’ve got a juice recipe that you love, please share it. I’d love to hear about it. Have a good one!
x Laura

P.S. Today I’m going to try The Chiller (from The Juicing Bible) which is a combo of carrot/celery/red pepper/apple/cucumber/zucchini. Sounds like a salad in a glass to me. (photo:


Guy Style: Skater

Paris Gent


You might think that this well-dressed guy could be found in any US city across the map. But I was surprised to see that he is from Paris and that our American hipster vibe (complete with beard) is alive and well across the pond.

He’s got great details from the 90’s plaid shirt, casual hoodie + tee, bomber jacket to the flat-front khakis messily tucked into work boots. It’s the details that count.

The street style shot above came Louge Delcy at and it’s worth your while to go check out his site. He’s a Brooklyn-born photographer who’s got the sartorial gift. Here he is below. Don’t you love that smile!

Louge Delcy

Louge Delcy of

It’s a talent to dress that like and look so cool doing it. There’s more amazing shots to see and style to take in. Go check it out.


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A Little More Action

He Had Me At Slip-ons

It’s my personal opinion that a guy in a great pair of shoes is much more likely to get some action, than a guy who doesn’t care about his shoes. Am I right or wrong? Picture your guy (or any cute guy you know) in a pair of beat-up tennis shoes…..ok. Now, picture him in a better pair of shoes…….how was that? Did anything change for you? Amen!

When I saw these Rivieras, I thought to myself, ‘well that’s a nice upgrade from a pair of flip-flops’ and they’re only $69. It’s the kind of thing that could take a pair of khakis and linen shirt to the next level. Plus, they’re lined in terry cloth and doesn’t that just sound heavenly! Saw them at Mr. Porter, which is a drool-worthy, online retailer of designer menswear and offshoot of

Spring Cleaning

I’ve been posting a bit less lately, but I haven’t been lazy. I got the spring cleaning bug about three weeks ago and got my rear in gear with Spring Cleaning Short-cuts from RealSimple. It’s got everything from windows, to carpet, to curtains, to mattresses and definitely worth a look if you’re contemplating putting on the rubber gloves on this weekend.

I also spruced up the blog with a new theme, an updated Reading section, reformatted Fashion Bookshelf and even added a section for Eating. A girl’s got to eat and I love to cook, so I shared my first recipe of Rustic Potato and Greens Pie, which also happens to be vegetarian. Hope you’ll click-through and check out what I’ve been up to.

Good Clicking:

Also, Join me in the Goodreads 2011 Book Challenge.

I’ve committed to reading 24 books this year. How many can you read in a year?? Feel free to join in, we’d love to have you along!

2011 Reading Challenge

2011 Reading Challenge
Buckle Button Zip has read 3 books toward a goal of 24 books.

Street Inspiration: Men’s Color

Last week, we took a look at what’s coming down the runway in Milan for Menswear Fall 2011. That might seem like a long way off, but guys, you can begin infusing color into your wardrobe now and be ahead of the pack. Take a look at what street style photographer and blogger, Tommy Ton shot during his stint in Milan and Paris last week and you’ll begin to be a believer. There’s no reason to zombie out this winter in your Matrix black, when you can grab some color and wake this place up.

Tommy Ton for (Milan)

Tommy Ton for (Milan)

Tommy Ton for (Paris)

Tommy Ton for (Milan)

Least you think I don’t see the subtle differences between Italians and Americans, I do. Perhaps you’re not ready for bright pants or purple paisley scarves, that you’ll see in the full Tommy Ton shoot for I get ya. The street inspirations above take that bright pop of color we saw on the Milan runways (check out last week’s post) and bring it forward into Heartland wearable ways with a contrasting shoe, colored scarf, bright pullover or orange sport-banded watch. Just the jolt of energy that’s needed when you’re in the depths of winter.

Where to Shop It: Boulder

Click It: Online Retailers

Menswear Fall 2011: A Colorful Winter

The Men’s Fall 2011 Fashion Week just wrapped up Milan last week and continues its walk down the runway in Paris this week. In Milan, we got a look at the menswear collections from D&G, Ermenegildo Zegna, Bottega Veneta, Pringle of Scotland, Giorgio Armani, Burburry Prorsum, Etro and Costume National to name a few. Some of the highlighted details from those collections include:

  • skinny ties (especially at D&G)
  • richly-hued suits in browns, dark greens and grays
  • shearling coats and bombers
  • bright pops of color
  • sharp-lined overcoats pulled over 200 looks from Milan week for their Editor’ Picks and I whittled it down further from there.

D&G (

Dsquared (

Z Zenga (

Bottega Veneta (

Costume National (

Pringle of Scotland (

We’ll see what the shows in Paris have to add to the overall look of Men’s Fall 2011, but for now it looks to be a colorful winter ahead.