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Made the Trees Rustle

Made the Trees Rustle

It’s not this cold yet (thankfully), but as the leaves shake and drift from the trees, we know that it’s coming. Inspired by winter trees, this frosty vignette features many ‘Just Arrived’ pieces with opposites-attract style pairings.

  • Minimalist black & white top + ornate Bohemian accessories
  • Country cozy knit sweater + Ladylike structured handbag
  • Rocker print top + DIY-esque colorful scarf (with coordinated nails)

Which one do you gravitate toward?

For shoppers: The tri-colored structured handbag is only $98 and is looking significantly more expensive than that, don’t you think? Most items are less than $400 and click-able if you’re looking for more info.

x Laura


Baroque, Rich and Big

Christian Dior Couture 2009, photo: Style.com

Velvet capes swoosh through back alleys. Stately rings are proffered for a kiss. Lords showcase livery collars and ladies drop golden pendants into their bosom. Bodices heave and swords strike. King Henry VIII is mercurial in politics and passion, as his second wife Queen Anne has just departed with her head. Thus ends the second season of Showtime’s historical drama, The Tudors (2007-2010, but still available via Netflix).

The Tudor and Baroque era costuming and accessories for the series are dazzling. Lucky for us, Baroque styling (beginning around 1600) never really went out of fashion, because the design elements are timeless: swirling gold details, pearls, velvet, rich color, brocade, lace and heavy ornamentation. It’s easy to fall for the lushness of it all. Look at how many bold-name designers have recently shown collections with baroque richness:

Going Big with Accessories

Want to try your hand at the look? Get in a courtly way with some royally big rings and necklaces for yourself. Just yesterday, I came across a picture of Mary-Kate Olsen with an enormous green and gold ring worn on her index finger. She rocked it, of course, as she usually does.

This is a go big or go bigger kind of look. I think it’s worth a try, especially with all the festive parties and events coming in the next couple of months.

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

Where the mind goes, the body will follow. With snow flying to the tune of 10+ inches, I’ve got hot cocoa on the brain, which means my thoughts have turned rich hues of brown. Deep, dark brown might seem somber to some, but it’s so flattering and forgiving on the skin. Where black can drain color, brown brings out our natural rosiness.

Cold weather begs for touchable items, so my Polyvore set highlights this blanket sweater, sequined skirt and faux fur vest. Textured pieces like these really elevate a look. Jessica over at What I Wore inspired me with her casual glam sequins for day. She wears it with a chambray shirt, but I also like the idea of a chunky sweater, like I’ve shown above.

What’s your favorite color/neutral to pair with brown? Or maybe you hate brown and can only think of the UPS-guy…! Now, I really want to know.


Not Hot, Not Cold

In-between weather is the best of both worlds. A smattering of summer and a twinge of fall. Switching it up between warm and cool days, keep the wardrobe options nearly unlimited. Add a shot of pumpkin spice to your outfit and you’ve captured the spirit of autumn.

Not Hot, Not Cold

[Click through to see my Polyvore set up-close]

A set of big, textured bangles top off the look. The outfit on the left shows sandals for hotter days, but can easily transition to knee-high boots with a sweater when things cool off. The floaty, plisse skirt is romantic and keeps the look from getting weighed down. I’m also a big fan of the easy, casual feeling of the outfit on the right. Pulled together, yet uncomplicated and streamlined.

Have a great day!


Piles of Bold

Michael Kors Fall 2011 (photo: Style.com)

Whatever is influencing the latest influx of bold, silver jewelry, let’s just be happy for it. Possibly it’s the power-house impact of the Michael Kors’ Fall 2011 runway collection (shown last spring). Maybe it’s the failed return of our favorite feminine superhero, Wonder Woman to TV that has given rise to dual arm cuffs on mere mortal women. Or maybe it’s that gold prices are at a mind-blowing, all-time high price per ounce. It probably doesn’t matter what brings these beautiful, silver, statement pieces our way — just stay tuned for gorgeous, bold, gleaming pieces that are going to be exquisite with what you’re wearing this fall.

My favorites are decidedly architectural in design and carry a certain amount of heft, which translates edginess, power and sensuality to the wearer. That sounds like a lot for jewelry to do, but wowza, check out these two beauties below. Now picture Emma Stone and Margherita Missoni in delicate, dangling jewelry…still good, but not-so-kick-ass.

Emma Stone (photo: Getty Images via MTV)

Margherita Missoni (Photo: Kevin Tachman via Vogue.com)

The Goods

There are piles and piles of bold jewelry out there, but these stand above the rest and come in all different price points. [click any picture for more info]


Evil lurks everywhere, right? It’s probably a good idea to be armed* and on some days, even double-cuffed. Could be useful.


*not literally…geez.