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Nothing New – Day 30!

Little Black Dress + Boho

Little Black Dress + Boho

Wearing: Maeve Liban Shawl Dress (Anthropologie) / Nine West beaded thong sandal /  World Market blue-green wooden bead necklace / Loft silver bangle / White House | Black Market silver bow belt.

Here it is — the last day of my Nothing New project! Thirty days of options from what I already had in the closet. So for the last day, I had to wear my little black dress, right?! I took this dress on our last trip (Postcard: Las Vegas) and wore with heels, evening clutch and the whole 9-yards. Today, I wanted to wear it how I would this summer: with boho sandals, a chunky necklace and silver accents. It fits well with the bohemian flair of Boulder and yet is classic enough to wear in any town.

I learned a lot from this project, which I’ll share in another post. Hopefully, my thoughts can be helpful to you too, as you face your closet everyday. A huge thanks to everyone who stuck with me through 30 days of just my clothes and my face on the blog everyday. Jackson (my dog) would have loved to be in the last photo, but he is busy at doggie daycare today, getting wet, dirty and having a ball.

Thanks again for being so supportive the last 30 days. You guys are the best!

x Laura

“What day is it?” asked Pooh.

“It’s today.” squeaked Piglet.

“My favorite day!” said Pooh


Nothing New – Day 29

Floral print + Oxfords

Floral print + Oxfords

Wearing: Maeve floral print (Anthropologie) / BP oxfords (also on Day 13) / mixed metal and blue glass bracelets (gifts) / belt (came with a different dress).

Not much to say about this, except that I really like wearing flats during the day. I’m always looking for ways to keep an outfit interesting without sacrificing my feet (and therefore the rest of me). It’s true that the padding under our toes and heels thins out as we get older, so we do need more cushion in our shoes. An article by the LA Times also said that our feet spread out and get wider from years of use (ah, gravity). So if those old shoes are feeling tight, maybe this is why.

It’s not too surprising to read this. I’ve been gravitating toward more foot-friendly shoes for a few years now. I save my heels for dinners out or special occasions. In general, wedges have become my go-to heel whenever possible. Things are bound to change in our bodies and I’d rather be healthy than hurting.

Are you more of a flats gal or do you usually wear a heel? And how do you feel about that?

x Laura

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Nothing New – Days 26 and 27

Skirt + Blouse, Clutch

Skirt + Blouse, Clutch

Wearing: Anthropologie blouse (also Day 14, Day 3), Anthropologie beaded skirt, Naya wedge shoes, Cole Haan strappy clutch, World Market beaded bracelet, white stone necklace (gift).


Skirt + Blouse, Crossbody bag

Wearing: same as top photo except, Michael Michael Kors Fulton crossbody bag.


It’s snowing today! Black + Cardigan, Scarf

Wearing: Eileen Fisher sequin-trimmed cardigan / Fever top / Levi’s Curve ID jeans / Joan & David ankle boots / Zara printed scarf / Loft bracelet / Sundance lotus earrings.

Happy Monday and here’s hoping all the Moms are feeling well-loved and a bit more pampered after yesterday. I know I do! My family made it nice by feeding me comfort food (cinnamon rolls and bacon, yum), encouraging me to take time for myself and then setting up a nice hot bath at the end of the day. I forgot how great a bath can be.

There are two pictures for Day 26 because I wasn’t sure which bag was better with the skirt outfit. Thoughts? Maybe neither, I don’t know. I was kind of stumped. Help needed!

Have a lovely day.

x Laura

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Nothing New – Day 24

Light jacket  and layers for cooler temps

Light jacket and layers for cooler temps

Wearing: Tulle 3/4 jacket / Anthropologie chambray tunic top (similar) / Levi’s Curve ID jeans / Miss Sixty lace-up boots / Anthropologie infinity scarf (similar) / Anne Klein bracelet watch / Francesca’s drop earrings (similar)

We dipped down in temperature and a moody, coastal-type mixture of rain, clouds and damp has settled in for the day. You never really know which end is up here weather-wise, so it’s nice to head out in layers. Underneath the hip-length jacket is a chambray tunic top, layered with a beaded infinity scarf. I think I’d like to travel in this kind of outfit too, layering and un-layering as needed. The lace-up boots are very comfortable and I could wear these all day, the only downside being it would take longer at airport security. Worth it? Heck yeah. Comfort = happy mama.

One trick that I learned this year was to layer a necklace or two underneath a scarf. That way when you take your scarf off, you still have on a great accessory.

x Laura

p.s. Is anybody else loving Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show? He makes my day. And the Roots as your house band? That is cool.

I like to see people laugh who are normally serious. — Jimmy Fallon


Nothing New – Day 23

Wide leg pants for spring

Wide leg pants for spring + fuzzy paws

Wearing: Violette blouse / Pilcro Wide-leg linen pants (similar) / Anthropologie belt (also on Day 22) / Franco Sarto espadrilles (also Day 8) / Sundance multi-colored necklace (similar) / Vintage blue carved stone necklace / Anne Klein bracelet watch.

Each and every day of May is precious to me. The school year is winding down and only a few short weeks until the glory and busyness of summer vacation. Until I was a parent, I never understood that the ‘lazy days of summer’ don’t actually apply to you.

We have some fun family plans to look forward to, so I’m excited and apprehensive all at once for June to start. Each year, I try to plan less and allow for more free time — more time for serendipity and long play dates. More time for museums and reading in the library. More time for travel and seeing family. More time for sitting on the deck eating popsicles and for climbing trees. More time to have friends over. It requires more of my time and attention, but it’s worth it in the long run. These childhood summers go by so quickly. And so for now, I relish the moments of May that still belong to me.

x Laura

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