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What to Buy in March

Are you great at sales or do you like to buy the newest items in the stores? Deal hunters and fashion insiders know when to stock up on specific items to get the most bang for their buck and when to wait on things. There’s a rhythm to the retail machine and knowing what to buy when, can save you big bucks.

March madness: Fragrance

If you have a signature scent or a few favorites, this is the time to look for gift sets and purchase promos. You’ll find freebie body lotions or travel-sized bottles that come packaged with your favorite scent.

Coach Poppy Gift Set: Eau de Parfum, Body Lotion, $70

Gucci Gardenia Gift Set $71

Flora by Gucci: fragrance, travel-size + body lotion $71

Sephora Favorites: Rollerball of Viva La Juicy, See by Chloe, Flora by Gucci, Marc Jacobs Dot, and Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb, $24

Tocca Meet The Girls: Ten Spray Vials including Cleopatra, Brigitte, Collette, and Lilliana. $62

Prada Luna Rossa: Shower Gel, Eau de Toilet, Travel Pouch, $87

Check online to see if your favorite fragrances are doing promos this month. If you’re a candle girl, there are also luxury fragrance candles too (like Jo Malone, Tocca, Bond No. 9, Diptyque, etc.) Also, keep your eyes open for gifts too. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are just around the corner.

Happy Spring Equinox!

x Laura


Get a Whiff of This

New: YSL Parisienne a l'Extreme (notes of blackberry, rose, musk & patchouli)

Here’s something that doesn’t add up for me. There were over 230 fragrance launches in 2011, with 57 launches in March 2011 alone. For real?! That’s a lot of spritzing. I rarely hear people talk about wearing perfume any longer (or get a whiff of it either). Do I just live in a fragrance-free zone? Who’s buying all the perfume?

According to Cosmopolitan and CosmoTeen, who conducted a fragrance study in the U.S., they found out the following:

  • Girls start to use fragrance at age 10, with 12% starting below 10, including body spray
  • On average the respondents claimed to own 7 fragrances
  • 58% of respondents claimed to use fragrance on a daily basis
  • On average, women wear a favourite fragrance for three years

Really? I’ve had the same three bottles of perfume for the last five years. I guess I’m in a rut or something. I definitely do not spritz daily. Do you?

New: Immortal Twilight (citrus, chamomile, peony, freesia, amber, musk, patchouli). The way Bella smells.

So, who were to top selling celebrity fragrances last year*? Brittany? J. Lo? Nope! You’re not going to believe it:

  1. White Diamonds, Elizabeth $54 million (first released in 1991)
  2. Driven, Derek Jeter, $27 million
  3. Heat, Beyonce, $21 million
  4. Tie: Unforgivable by P. Diddy, NYC by Sarah Jessica Parker, Fancy by Jessica Simpson and Harajuku Lovers by Gwen Stefani – $18 million

*Forbes, April 2011

Questions, questions??

Are you buying perfume or living a fragrance-free existence?
Do you have a signature scent or change with your mood?
Do you buy perfume as gifts?

Just curious!


Here’s a List of New Fragrances and Perfumes of 2011 via Now Smell This