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Get a Whiff of This

New: YSL Parisienne a l'Extreme (notes of blackberry, rose, musk & patchouli)

Here’s something that doesn’t add up for me. There were over 230 fragrance launches in 2011, with 57 launches in March 2011 alone. For real?! That’s a lot of spritzing. I rarely hear people talk about wearing perfume any longer (or get a whiff of it either). Do I just live in a fragrance-free zone? Who’s buying all the perfume?

According to Cosmopolitan and CosmoTeen, who conducted a fragrance study in the U.S., they found out the following:

  • Girls start to use fragrance at age 10, with 12% starting below 10, including body spray
  • On average the respondents claimed to own 7 fragrances
  • 58% of respondents claimed to use fragrance on a daily basis
  • On average, women wear a favourite fragrance for three years

Really? I’ve had the same three bottles of perfume for the last five years. I guess I’m in a rut or something. I definitely do not spritz daily. Do you?

New: Immortal Twilight (citrus, chamomile, peony, freesia, amber, musk, patchouli). The way Bella smells.

So, who were to top selling celebrity fragrances last year*? Brittany? J. Lo? Nope! You’re not going to believe it:

  1. White Diamonds, Elizabeth $54 million (first released in 1991)
  2. Driven, Derek Jeter, $27 million
  3. Heat, Beyonce, $21 million
  4. Tie: Unforgivable by P. Diddy, NYC by Sarah Jessica Parker, Fancy by Jessica Simpson and Harajuku Lovers by Gwen Stefani – $18 million

*Forbes, April 2011

Questions, questions??

Are you buying perfume or living a fragrance-free existence?
Do you have a signature scent or change with your mood?
Do you buy perfume as gifts?

Just curious!


Here’s a List of New Fragrances and Perfumes of 2011 via Now Smell This