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More Likely: Perforated

runway Michael Kors eyelet skirt

Michael Kors Spring 2015

Another spring look from Michael Kors 2015 runway this week that hits one of fashion’s current trends — perforated. I like the way this perforated skirt is reminiscent of eyelet without the extra dose of sweetness. You’ll also see this trend on handbags, tops, sleeves and shoes.

Elliot Lucca bucket bag

Elliot Lucca bucket bag $98

Just yesterday the Nordstrom catalog landed in the mail showing this yellow Elliot Lucca bucket bag ($98). This perforated little number ticks two trends in one bag, because the drawstring bucket bag is everywhere right now. If you have the slightest weakness for this shape, this is your season to grab one. I had one years ago (probably 20+ years) in tan that I adored and wore all the time until a pen leaked in the bottom and ruined it. Clearly I’m still a bit traumatized over it.

But, back to the matter at hand. Here are some more outfit ideas that incorporate the modern perforated look.

Natalie Off Duty

Natalie Off Duty

Lady Addict perforated sweater

Lady Addict

perforated skirt with woven clutch

Via Pinterest

I’ve already purchased a perforated grey belt and am likely to grab a pair of flats for this summer. What do you think of the trend? Are you more likely to skip or shop something perforated this season?

x Laura

“Sweet life continues in the breeze, in the golden fields.” ― Jack Kerouac



Made the Trees Rustle

Made the Trees Rustle

It’s not this cold yet (thankfully), but as the leaves shake and drift from the trees, we know that it’s coming. Inspired by winter trees, this frosty vignette features many ‘Just Arrived’ pieces with opposites-attract style pairings.

  • Minimalist black & white top + ornate Bohemian accessories
  • Country cozy knit sweater + Ladylike structured handbag
  • Rocker print top + DIY-esque colorful scarf (with coordinated nails)

Which one do you gravitate toward?

For shoppers: The tri-colored structured handbag is only $98 and is looking significantly more expensive than that, don’t you think? Most items are less than $400 and click-able if you’re looking for more info.

x Laura

The Skinny on Stripes

You can hardly step into any store these days without being wooed by darling, sailorly stripes. They beckon to you and whisper in your ear, “you’ll look so gamine, so French, like a woman with that je ne c’est quoi…” and then you slip it on and just feel…wide. Well, of course you do, these are horizontal stripes on your body. Why oh why, are trends so cruel?!

Pfffts! (as a French girl might say), but you just have to find zee right stripe. You know, the one that is sweet, but still shows your lovely curves. And so, the hunt was on for the right kind of stripe. The one that tapers, is vertical, and mixes it up to create the illusion of curves where we want them. Eh, voila — the low-fat, skinny stripe has been spotted and culled.

Note: Most of the items in this Polyvore set are under $100, except for the Paul Green clutch, which is $300+. Woohoo for the great prices!

Not content to stop there, I couldn’t resist the another chic way to wear stripes…on your arm. Pair any one of these sassy striped totes or handbags with your spring/summer basics and you can hop on the trend that way.

These are seriously cute bags for all occasions: totes for the beach, clutches for a wedding (hello, little Kate Spade flower clutch, come sit next to me) and others for day. Click on any bag for more info.

Are you already working stripes into your mix? How are you doing it? Bravo, to you if you’ve already figured this out. I guess my French needed a little bit of work!

Check out more of my Polyvore Sets:

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Bloomin’ Yellow


In My Garden (photo: Buckle Button Zip)

Inspired by the budding yellow daffodils in my garden this morning and the bright colors that are a signature trend for Spring 2011, let’s take a look at some sunny options that are ready for show right now:

Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Slim Wallet

Longchamp 'Darshan Flowers - Small' Tote

Anthropologie Creased Swirls Corset Top

Kenneth Cole Reaction "Shine Through"

West Elm Modernist Bowl

Modcloth Canary Your Things Mug

I’ll take one of each please!

Ending the post with some lovely words that came on the end of my tea bag:

I am beautiful,

I am bountiful,

I am blissful.

Cross your heart

Photo: KristaniA via Chictopia

New York Fashion Week starts today and I can’t wait to see what’s rolling out on the runway for Spring 2011. If you’re interested, you can see the Fashion Week calendar for who’s showing when and also see the collections at Style.com.

Back here in the land of fall fashion choices, you can’t go wrong with a crossbody bag these days. You can pick a small one or a big one depending on your need and you’ll be hands-free, which in and of itself is a liberating notion. Think of it, one hand can be on your phone (of course) and the other can be doing God knows what…making mischief, holding someone’s hand, looking for keys, riding a bike, squeezing fruit or holding your latte (of course). I mean the possibilities are endless, which is why I think you’ll like having one. Some of the styles shown harken to a 70s vibe, while others go sleek or even rocker. There’s something here for everyone and I’d pair these looks with military, aviator, layered knits or something laid-back.

Click on any bag to see more info.

Have a great one!