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Summer Style in Amsterdam

One of the best parts about traveling is getting a glimpse of the local culture and appreciating a city for its own personality. We spent four days in Amsterdam and oh my, I’m in love with another city. Not only is the city downright captivating, but the people are really very nice. We managed to avoid getting run over by bikes, scooters and trams, which is harder than it sounds — they are zooming from all directions. I’m glad the Dutch have figured out their traffic patterns. There seems to be a method to their madness.

In the morning, I’d grab a cup of coffee, sit out on the front stoop of our hotel and watch the bikers heading to work. It’s a parade of chic women in dresses and skirts with one hand on the bike and the other fiddling with a phone, coffee, bag, etc. The most popular look for summer is a short, white dress with lacy cutouts. I must have seen handful of variations every day, which was a smart way to handle the heatwave and still look very breezy and put together. This photo of Annabelle Fleur (who’s based in California) has captured the European look perfectly.

Annabelle Fleur of VivaLuxury.blogspot.com

Sandals ranged from the on-trend Birkenstock Arizona to spare sandals with metallic accents, like these from Vince Camuto. I was completely at home and happy in my new-ish Sofft ‘Breeze’ gladiator sandals in black. I comfortably walked miles in them and they were stylish enough for this chic city. White sneakers are definitely in, but not the clunky athletic kind, more of a paired-down sleek style (like above). The Amsterdamers infuse sensuality into all of their outfits with either short hemlines, bare backs with interesting straps, sheer tops over cute bras, or low-cut tops. It’s not at all tarty, just confidently sexy.

We also made stops in Berlin and Reykjavik, cities which had their own personalities and style. I’ll need to do a separate post for them. I’ve come to believe that there is no one-style-that-fits-all. What is perfectly stylish in one place, doesn’t feel quite right in another. The fashion industry may say, ‘this is in or that is in’, but each city puts their own spin on what is current. It’s fun to try and guess where people are from based on their style alone and makes waiting in line at the airport a bit more tolerable.

Hope your summer is going well!

x Laura


The Goods – Shiny Things

photo: All The Pretty Birds

Jeweled Sandals

At the airport last week, I saw a jet-setter gal in a pair of jeweled sandals that were seriously blinged-out. I studied them trying to assess the cost. They looked very high-end to me, but I was wondering if they were a Steve Madden or some other trendy line that had done a great knock-off. She fast-tracked the security line like an A-Lister, so I didn’t have the chance to ask her. I haven’t found her cool sandals online, but I’m looking. The Miu Miu starfish pair (below) are getting a lot of ooh and ahhs from editors and it’s easy to see why. It’s a party for feet (and an expensive one at that).

Doing jeweled shoes for day is a look that’s always going to turn heads and make a regular outfit into something to talk about. Going to a beach wedding? These are made for a beach wedding and will really dazzle.

I happen to like silver, but most of these are available in gold or a colored option.

Miu Miu Starfish Sandals

  1. Miu Miu Starfish sandal, $695
  2. Nine West, Wixon, $69 (silver, blue, gold, white)
  3. ZiGiny Instinct, $129 (silver, gold)
  4. Jerome Rousseau, Muscat Glitter, $695

Question: When you’re style stalking, how often do you stop people and ask them about their clothes? How do they react?

P.S. I know some of these shoes are very pricey, but I figure it’s good to see what the high-end options are, especially when you find something similar for less.