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Baby, it’s cold outside

In Bratislava -- photo via TonboGirl.blogspot.com

Today, I’ve found some street style ideas on how to look chic even when the weather is cold, cold, cold. These shots come from Bratislava, Slovakia, Chicago, and Moscow and you can just feel the cold by looking at them! Nonetheless, they have taken to streets with style.

photo via Chicago Streetstyle Scene

Moscow, photo via Slickwalk.

We might see a few flurries today in Denver, but the snow has been flying since Thanksgiving up in the Rocky Mountains. I have yet to break out my snow boots, but I know that the time is coming. Now, I see a lot of “winter boots” shown in magazines and in blogs that consist of sky-high heels or platforms and I think, oh those are cute if you’re going from car to restaurant, but how in the heck can you actually walk on snow or ice in those puppies?! Even the beloved/reviled classic Ugg boot is an iffy choice when it’s slick outside (absolutely no traction on those things). No, I’m talking about real winter boots for sledding, walking kids to school, traipsing through ski towns on winter holiday, commuting to work, going to classes, walking the dog, etc. You know, the ones you’ll reach for most days.

Here are some favorites that have loads of style, functionality and will keep you looking chic:

And for the guys, who do so much snow shoveling, car scraping and much of the sled pulling, here are some warm, rugged choices for him too. It’s not a bad holiday gift idea either. Treat him to warm feet this year and he just might make that early morning espresso run for you!