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The past couple of days has produced a lot of great content in the fashion blogging world. There were enough interesting pieces, that I thought I’d share them with you:

  • Sally at Already Pretty writes Why Trends Are Your Friends and I happen to completely agree with her on why it’s important to stay up on the latest styles.
  • Fashion News: Angelina Jolie is the new face for Louis Vuitton. While I’m a huge fan of Angie’s, how many people would actually take their precious LV tote bag across a river in a rickety canoe? Anyone?
  • Net-A-Porter.com created an online magazine dedicated to bloggers called the The Blog Power List. Many of the big names in fashion blogging were featured, with editorial, features and personal picks. Hanneli Mustaparta, talks about why women are obsessed with style blogs and why bloggers stick together (it’s true, we do). You might already know a lot of these blogs, but there were some new-to-me finds in this feature, i.e. Into The Gloss (beauty) and TripStyler (aspiring jet-setter’s style). It’s a must read if you love fashion blogs.
The Blog Power List

via Net-a-Porter.com

And if you’re looking for more good reading, this week’s Independent Fashion Blogger community put up a whopper of a list for Links a la Mode. So many insightful posts, so little time! Definitely check out Arash Mazinani, By Anika, and Consider Me Lovely (very powerful post on being a dark-skinned girl – watch the video).

Links à la Mode: June 9th


Boulder Fires

Eerie video of Boulder wildfires burning last night.

Normally, I’d put up a fashion post today, but it’s just not in me today. The air is foggy with smoke from the Boulder, CO wildfires burning only a few miles away from our home. Over 3,000 people have been evacuated from their homes in the hills and the fire, so far, has claimed 3,500 acres of land. The town of Boulder is safe, but as many of you know, the foothills butt right up against the town and many people live up in those winding canyons. Ashes from the fire are raining down all over the city and they’ve cautioned people to stay indoors today, especially if they have health problems. The fire is not contained yet, so we can expect even more damage to come, with already dozens of homes lost.

photo: Daily Camera/Mark Leffingwell

My heartfelt thoughts go out to the people who’ve lost their homes and those who are waiting to hear. If you’d like to read the news coverage, click here or for the twitter feed click there.

If I only had a few minutes to gather up my life in a bag, it’s excruciating to think about what I would take and what’s really, really important.

UPDATE 4:06 pm: An estimated 7100 acres have burned and a preliminary count of known structures lost is 43, which is not the total number of structures. Nine volunteer firefighters have lost their own houses while fighting this fire. The wildfire is not done and not contained at all. It’s currently heading North and Northeast toward Pine Brook Hills. Truly dismal circumstances for the town of Boulder, but hats off to the courageous firefighters who are working to contain this wildfire.