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The past couple of days has produced a lot of great content in the fashion blogging world. There were enough interesting pieces, that I thought I’d share them with you:

  • Sally at Already Pretty writes Why Trends Are Your Friends and I happen to completely agree with her on why it’s important to stay up on the latest styles.
  • Fashion News: Angelina Jolie is the new face for Louis Vuitton. While I’m a huge fan of Angie’s, how many people would actually take their precious LV tote bag across a river in a rickety canoe? Anyone?
  • Net-A-Porter.com created an online magazine dedicated to bloggers called the The Blog Power List. Many of the big names in fashion blogging were featured, with editorial, features and personal picks. Hanneli Mustaparta, talks about why women are obsessed with style blogs and why bloggers stick together (it’s true, we do). You might already know a lot of these blogs, but there were some new-to-me finds in this feature, i.e. Into The Gloss (beauty) and TripStyler (aspiring jet-setter’s style). It’s a must read if you love fashion blogs.
The Blog Power List

via Net-a-Porter.com

And if you’re looking for more good reading, this week’s Independent Fashion Blogger community put up a whopper of a list for Links a la Mode. So many insightful posts, so little time! Definitely check out Arash Mazinani, By Anika, and Consider Me Lovely (very powerful post on being a dark-skinned girl – watch the video).

Links à la Mode: June 9th


Put on Some Lipstick, It’ll Brighten Your Face

Photo: EdieAdams.com via Blog: My Mom The Style Icon

Today’s post is a loving shout-out to all the moms in the world. Those amazing women in our lives who cared for us, got us to school, lovingly wiped our faces (sometimes with spit), encouraged us to explore, and soothed us when life went upside-down. Having a child myself, I know how bumpy the road of parenting is and it makes me appreciate my own parents all the more.

There’s a fun discussion going on over at the Savvy Living Community and I wanted to share it here too. The question is: What Fashion Advice Did Your Mom Give to You?

For myself, I can say that my mom always looks put together and she taught me to make an effort when meeting up with friends and going to parties. The gist of it was: people put a lot of time into making a party, we’re not going to show up looking like we rolled out of bed! Of course, it’s ingrained in me and if you’re throwing a party, I’m coming with bells on.

So what advice did your Mom pass along — the good, bad and hilarious? I can’t wait to hear it!

The lovely photo above is of entertainer Edie Adams and I found it at a GREAT blog called My Mom, The Style Icon. The photo was submitted by her son, Josh.  The whole site is wonderful look at stylish moms from all eras submitted by their own kids. It’s fascinating, funny and worth a click-through.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! I love you so much.

I thought only Scarlett O’Hara got the vapors

I wouldn’t say that I’m very superstitious, but the last few weeks have me believing in the old adage, “things tend to happen in threes.” When it’s something positive, you’re on top of the moon; when it’s something negative, you just throw up your arms and wait for it to be over. I’m happy to say that the last of my 3-part Year-End Electronics Meltdown has arrived and I feel relieved that’s it finally over and done with. Here’s the quick and dirty on how it went down:

  • Just before Christmas, the motherboard on my computer completely fries and is useless. Lucky for me I have a back-up of the hard drive (yay!) Not so lucky, I now need a new computer (boo).
  • Dishwasher stops running the very same day that house guests arrive. Dishwasher guy says the motor is dead, dead, dead.
  • I begin to get the vapors when I think about the cost of replacing the computer and the dishwasher, on top of all the money spent at the holidays (yikes).
  • Lastly, the toaster kicks it, in a flurry of smoke during breakfast on the first day back at school. My husband, who has always hated that toaster, said he finally was beginning to like it and had perfectly toasted a bagel just the night before. I’d like to think the toaster had been waiting to prove itself to him and when it did, it departed in a peaceful (yet smoky) state.

Now that that’s behind me, I’m feeling happy to move ahead. To end this post on a positive note, here are 3 Great Things I found to share this week:

  1. Miss Vinyl Ahoy shows us how to masterfully mix patterns in her post, 8 Simple Rules for Mixing Patterns. She shows clear examples and takes the mystery out of this tricky business.
  2. Penelope Loves Lists is a organizer’s dream site. She fully embraces her Type-A personality and shares her spot-on tips & techniques with the rest of us. Humorous, useful and creative, this blog is a gem. This week I bookmarked, How Penelope Keeps Herself Sane While the Kids Are Out of School and One More Chapter Please; Great Books to Read Aloud to Your Kids. This only scratches the surface of her blog. Check it out for yourself.
  3. Refinery29 continues to put out impressive online fashion content. This week, I especially liked 5 Fashion Switch Ups for 2011. It’s a quick slide show on five things you can do to make a fashionable impact this year.

You guys probably have your own fabulous bookmarks and sites to share. Feel free to leave them in the comments section on this post. I’d love to hear about them!