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Zip, zow, pow

Stockholm Streetstyle Indre Rockefeller

Indre Rockefeller via Stockholm Streetstyle

Here is a thoroughly modern knitwear with bold graphics, that really takes sweater dressing to the next level. Indre Rockefeller, shown here, is currently working with Moda Operandi, the amazing online trunk show site, and I love her eye for drama and comfort in this outfit.

Please bear with my shorter posts over the holidays! The new year will be here before we know it and I’m still enjoying the slower holiday-pace before work/school/life gets back to its busy schedule.

x Laura


Getting Your Greens

This week I borrowed a friend’s juicer to see if I liked it. Rumor has it that juicers are annoying to clean-up, but still undaunted, I wanted to see if vibrantly fresh juice would affect my energy and overall appetite. We (it’s a family experiment) started off easily with fruit juices (orange/pineapple) and have now moved into fruit/vegetable combos (carrot/apple and carrot/apple/celery/parsley). My husband has already told me not to tell him what’s in the glass, because if I use the words beet, kale or wheatgrass, he’s gonna bail on me. Completely predictable and I love the chance to take on a challenge.

7 Daily Greens

If drinking your veggies is off-putting, at least fashion has given us another way to get our daily green fix, since hunter, forest and emerald greens are strong tones right now. Here are 7 stylish examples of how people are wearing it:

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Shopping: Greens Like These Under $300

Using What You’ve Got

You’ve probably already got some deep autumnal greens in your closet. Time to dust them off and put into rotation. Pairs well with deep purple, peacock blue, black, white and wine.

If you’ve got a juice recipe that you love, please share it. I’d love to hear about it. Have a good one!
x Laura

P.S. Today I’m going to try The Chiller (from The Juicing Bible) which is a combo of carrot/celery/red pepper/apple/cucumber/zucchini. Sounds like a salad in a glass to me. (photo: juicingvegetables.me)


Photo: Stockholm Streetstyle, Madelene de la Motte

This look pretty much sums up how I’d like to go through life. Effortless. Chic. Bit of Pizzazz. Model-Tall. This neutral combo with a healthy punch of green is picture perfect in my book.

  1. Marc by Marc Jacobs Natasha Bag (Netaporter.com, $370)
  2. ASOS Leather Saddle Bag (Asos.com, $53)
  3. Anthropologie Bold Strokes Satchel (Anthropologie.com, $198)

Have a great week and Happy Thanksgiving!


Recipe: Game Day Chili

Here’s a chili recipe that you don’t have to slave over for hours. It’s quick enough to make during a week night and substantial enough to feed hungry Game Day appetites on the weekend. It has a hearty, rich flavor that can be kicked-up a notch or toned-down for kids. You could try using ground beef, bison, turkey, or soy-crumbles, whatever you like, and it’s all good (I’ve done them all). The picture above is with bison meat and it’s one of my favorites. We also like to serve it over rice (brown or white — it doesn’t matter). It’s a very forgiving chili recipe — you can hardly go wrong.

Click the link for the full recipe of Quick & Easy Chili.

Buckle Button Zip is Turning Two!

Photo: Stockholm Streetstyle

Thanks to everyone who’s been with me from the start and to all those who have joined in along the way. I love doing this blog and I love doing it with you guys. Thanks for all your kindness, feedback, fashion musings and friendship. I had no idea when I started Buckle Button Zip two years ago, how much it would mean to me. Want to see something funny?! Here are my first 3 posts:

  1. Playing Dress-Up
  2. Small Doses
  3. Going Higher

Ahh, just getting my feet wet back then.

Thanks for all your support. Let’s keep this style party going!


Model Off-Duty: Printed Dress

photo: Stockholm Streetstyle

Here’s an off-duty model look that we can adopt for our own. It’s actually quite forgiving with the blousey shape, belted-waist and 3/4 sleeve. On me (at 5’5″) it might even reach my knees! And if not, I’d put on dark tights in a heartbeat. This throw-on dress has a bit of edge, a rich autumn color print and a pop of burgundy in the shoe. Gorgeous, off-duty Russian model, Kate Kosushkina, adds a metallic belt for a hint of gleam. For cold-weather, add a leather jacket or faux fur vest.

Look What I Found:

Cynthia Steffe dress

Charles David mary jane pump

1. Cynthia Steffe Dot Dress, $103 at lord&taylor.com

2. Charles David pump, $184 at piperlime.com

3. Sofft Rieta pump, lower heel option, $109 at zappos.com

Seeing this burgundy shoe makes me wish I had more of this color in my closet. Do you wear burgundy accessories?