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Sneak Peek: Pre-Fall 2014

The Fall Couture shows are showing right now, with the Ready-to-Wear runway kicking-off in a matter of weeks. So you might wonder, what are these Pre-Fall collections all about? These are the very first fall-inspired clothes to hit stores around May/June. They serve as transitional pieces and a sneak peak into colors, patterns and trends that will be major players come fall.

Designers are sending out bigger Pre-Fall collections, than ever before. The fashion machine is hungry and the designers are feeding their customers. Givenchy showed over 70 pieces, which is equal to their regular fall shows. Even if you aren’t buying designer pieces, their collections have a trickle down effect, especially to fast-fashion retailers like H&M, Forever21, and Zara, but also to more mainstream stores.

Trending Now

  • Oxfords
  • Bomber Jackets
  • Plaids
  • Oranges
  • Leopard & Zebra

Stella McCartney – dress with oxfords

Jonathan Saunders – bomber jacket under coat

Christian Dior – swooning over this plaid

Altuzarra – orange peeking out from amazing coat

Balmain – sophisticated leopard high-waisted skirt

More to See

If you want to see more Pre-Fall 2014 designs, go to thisPinterest board for 40 of my favorite looks. The collections from Christian Dior, Givenchy, Balmain and Altuzarra were just wonderful. And I couldn’t show everything here, but the butterfly prints from Valentino were so romantic and dramatic.

Lastly, if I had to pick an ‘it’ animal for fall (you know, like the owls, cats and foxes of seasons past), I think it’s going to be the bunny. Mark my words. The bunny is next.

x Laura

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The Goods: 6 Blazers That Scream Spring

If you’re feeling the itch to add some new life to your closet, here are 6 of the cutest spring blazers available right now. Blazers are right at home this time of year, when the weather is going between chilly and warm. They always sharpen up an outfit, give a great silhouette and are a smart way to bridge the gap between seasons.

All of these blazers are around $100 and hit some of the major trends for Spring 2013, namely stripes, print, bright, moto and slouchy. For not much money, you can try a trend and give your winter basics a new twist.

spring blazers Zara and Steve madden

Left: Zara, Right: Steve Madden

spring blazers halogen, gibson nordstrom

Left: Halogen, Right: Gibson

spring blazers tweed stripe

Left: Pim + Larkin, Right: Zara

If you’re looking for a white blazer for spring, I can recommend the Zara Jogging Blazer (also comes in grey and black) which is only $79. Mine just came last week and it has cute polka dot fabric at the turned cuff and a nice sharp shoulder. The quality is nicer than I’d expect for the price and drapes well. I’m looking forward to breaking it out at the first sign of warmth.

x Laura

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Vertical Stripes: Avoid or Embrace?

It’s going to happen whether we like it or not and it’s time to decide where you stand on this one. Better now than in the dressing room, wondering, ‘Is this me?’

One of the strongest trends for Spring 2013 is vertical stripes. Cute, like pinstripes, right? No, more like jailbird or circus usher. When Marc Jacobs, Balmain, Michael Kors, Dior, Tommy Hilfiger and Moschino all sent very bold stripes down the runway, I thought, wow…really? And it’s not just the big design houses. Bold stripes are already trickling into more affordable stores like, Asos, Zara and H&M.


I know we are going to see many adorable, stylish women who have managed to make this look chic. In fact, here is proof of it:

vertical stripes street style spring 2013

via The Wall Muse

But then again she is a model (on-duty/off-duty…it’s hard to tell) and it’s in her wheelhouse to carry off anything. If you’re a style blogger and you love this look, feel free to make a lovely example of yourself, prove how awesome this trend is, and send me the link. I’d be happy to post it.

Dipping your toe

What if you madly love vertical stripes, but need to tone it down in order to commit? I grabbed some beautiful Spring 2013 runway looks from my Pinterest board that show more forgiving ways to wear this trend.

Spring 2013 stripes

Or just add a cute bag and still be right on trend. Now this, we could all do.

striped bag (Left, Poverty Flats, $68. Right, Rebecca Minkoff, $125. Both at Nordstrom).

How do you shake out on this trend? Embrace, avoid or willing to cross the line?

x Laura

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White in Shining Armour

It’s after Labor Day Weekend, so it’s time to pack up your whites until next…naw, just kiddin’ ya. White is sticking around all winter as a strong trend for Fall/Winter 2012. So, for those of us who love to steal out into the frosty streets in shades of white, this is a great season to collect more of the pieces you love.

photo: All The Pretty Birds (Tamu McPherson)

Photo: Jak & Jil

all white street style - style trouve

Photo: Style Trouve

All white street style via Fashionology

Photo: Greg Kessler via Fashionologie

Derek Lam Fall Winter 2012 RTW via Style.com

Derek Lam F/W 2012, Photo: Style.Com

There’s a look here to fit every age. Take your favorite look and tweak it to make the silhouette work for your body type. Do short sleeves with a maxi, shorten (or lengthen) a hemline, and pick a dress that highlights your best parts. Black is a great choice for accessories, but dressing tonally in white and cream is also a strong choice. Go with a shade that looks best with your skin tone.

I think of trends like a fashion buffet. Grab the things that work for you (shapes, colors, accessories, silhouettes), and leave the rest for the next person. Sometimes a trend we love, suits us better in an accessories (i.e. choosing a baroque-inspired clutch over a whole baroque dress.) In the end, fashion is personal and that’s what makes it (and us) interesting.

x Laura

More awesome posts I did (hmm, so humble…) on the white trend, which has been gaining steam since Spring 2011.

Violet Femmes

Violaine Bernard

Violaine Bernard (photo: Vanessa Jackman)

Among the color trends popping up for fall, you’ll find beautiful shades of purple, ranging from plum to amethyst. In this shot of Violaine Bernard (fashion director for Velour Magazine), she tops her pretty violet pants with a light camel vest. It’s a wonderful concept for office wear (I would throw a cami on underneath, but you know, I’m not French). It looks polished and modern, with a kick of personality.

Swiss designer Akris showed this amazing deep amethyst coat for F/W 2012 and it is just gorgeous. This color really shines next to black.

Akris, F/W 2012 via Style.com

Put some purple on yourself with these pretty options. Play with just a touch in an accessory, more with a top or pant, or a bigger statement with a lush coat.

[Click any item for retail info]

If you’re not a purple-loving gal, don’t worry. There are other rich colors that will be big this fall too.
More to come!
x Laura