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Vertical Stripes: Avoid or Embrace?

It’s going to happen whether we like it or not and it’s time to decide where you stand on this one. Better now than in the dressing room, wondering, ‘Is this me?’

One of the strongest trends for Spring 2013 is vertical stripes. Cute, like pinstripes, right? No, more like jailbird or circus usher. When Marc Jacobs, Balmain, Michael Kors, Dior, Tommy Hilfiger and Moschino all sent very bold stripes down the runway, I thought, wow…really? And it’s not just the big design houses. Bold stripes are already trickling into more affordable stores like, Asos, Zara and H&M.


I know we are going to see many adorable, stylish women who have managed to make this look chic. In fact, here is proof of it:

vertical stripes street style spring 2013

via The Wall Muse

But then again she is a model (on-duty/off-duty…it’s hard to tell) and it’s in her wheelhouse to carry off anything. If you’re a style blogger and you love this look, feel free to make a lovely example of yourself, prove how awesome this trend is, and send me the link. I’d be happy to post it.

Dipping your toe

What if you madly love vertical stripes, but need to tone it down in order to commit? I grabbed some beautiful Spring 2013 runway looks from my Pinterest board that show more forgiving ways to wear this trend.

Spring 2013 stripes

Or just add a cute bag and still be right on trend. Now this, we could all do.

striped bag (Left, Poverty Flats, $68. Right, Rebecca Minkoff, $125. Both at Nordstrom).

How do you shake out on this trend? Embrace, avoid or willing to cross the line?

x Laura

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Wear Now, Wear Later

It’s maddening to buy clothes that have a one-season shelf life. We spend a lot of time shopping for clothing, that we might only wear for a short amount of time. I’m always interested in getting more mileage out of things, even trendy items, which by their very nature are short-lived (maybe 2-4 seasons, i.e. all-white has been going steadily for about 3 seasons and is heading into 2013 as strong as ever).

With the Spring 2013 runway collections wrapping up in Paris, next year’s trends are already starting to crystallize. Since most of us are still shopping for this season, why not kill two birds with one stone? You can add a few forward-looking trends to your closet right now, that will have you ahead of the curve come March.

Vertical Stripes

Les Copains spring 2013 runway

Les Copains, Spring 2013

Anthropologie, $158


Gucci spring 2013 runway

Gucci, Spring 2013

Anthropologie honeycomb lace dress

Anthropologie, $288

Printed Pant

Balmain spring 2013 runway

Balmain, Spring 2013

Anthropologie Lace Slims pant

Anthropologie, $158


Dries Van Noten Spring 2013 paris runway

Dries Van Noten, Spring 2013

Need Supply, oxford shirt dress

Thom Dolan, $350

I got a kick out of the Dries Van Noten spring collection this year. He makes me want to pick up some plaid and relive the 90s. His layering techniques and materials are masterful. Click the link above and see how he turned grunge into a posh affair.

My Spring Fashion Pinterest board is up to 141 looks. If you want to see what else is trending, go take a look and get ahead on your shopping.

x Laura